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Leave It All On The Field

Every time a new year begins, we often reflect on the year we have left behind and then think about what we want to accomplish in the new year. It’s no secret that some years are better than others but hopefully, with every passing year, we learn & experience more and are therefore able to accomplish more.

The big question is: what is that you want to accomplish this year that you didn’t get to do last year? What do you expect out of 2019? And more importantly, how do you expect to grow in 2019?

Personally, there’s a lot I want to do this year. So many things that I’ve been saying I want to accomplish year-over-year but haven’t had the guts to get them done. Because of either fear, finances or time, I’ve neglected things that I have a passion for along with things that I want to do before it’s too late. Every year I’ve told myself that I’m gonna act on my great ideas or follow my passion but when time goes on & I haven’t taken that first step then I start to lose momentum and sometimes give up altogether (I’m sure I’m not alone in this).

Well this year, I’ve decided that things will be different! I don’t know how much time I have left on this earth (none of us do really), so I want to use whatever time God has given me to fulfill His purpose but also to do some of the things that have been tugging at my heart for the longest time. Some of these things don’t require much to get started – just a little energy, maybe a couple of dollars and the right connections. But whatever it is, I’m ready to take the steps necessary to get it done. I will no longer let fear stand in my way & if anything I’ve written here resonates with you, you shouldn’t either.

What is something that you want to get done, no, have to get done, in 2019?!


#ThursdayReads: Colette Barris

“Claretta Street” follows the lives of four young African-American girls living in Pacoima as they navigate the turbulent change of the 1960s, coming of age in the decadent and destructive 1980s.

Through the lenses of the young women, the sound and textures of life unfold as the devoted friends provide vivid accounts of one of America’s greatest periods of social change.

This work of historical fiction is the first novel by Pacoima native Colette Barris, who was inspired to write her debut book as a testimony to the struggle and triumph of Africans in America.

“Much is written about the African-American experience, most of which purposely spins black achievements as not much more than snippets of missteps, one depicted (often) as simple and jovial,” Barris said. “While in actuality, the black experience is one of unbelievable intelligence and courage.”

In “Claretta Street,” Barris explores America’s black past without marginalization. The author hopes readers gain “knowledge and appreciation of black female sisterhood and comradery” and “depth and insight of the African-American experience in the development of America further dismantling the mythology of American development.”

The author’s favorite character is Denise, the protagonist, because of her love and appreciation for family and sisterhood.

“I wanted to bring up the element of sisterhood for young African-American women because they need to know that they have it within them,” Barris said. “It’s in their DNA and they can reach out to one another for support.”

“Claretta Street” is the first installment of Barris’ trilogy. The second book is set to debut in early 2019.

You can find our more information about here by visiting her website: http://colettebarris.com/

“Let’s Argue In The Morning”

So, I got a phone call the other night from a guy who seemingly thought it was okay to call me well after my “phone curfew”. The only reason I answered the phone so late was because I thought it was an emergency of some sort. Instead of a jolly “Hello”, he got a half-sleep “What do you want?” out of me. Instead of bothering to ask if I was busy or even asleep, he went right into a conversation.

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. Not only had he woken me up out of my sleep, it was for no apparent reason. No good reason, that is. All of my responses were either half-baked or showed very little interest. Not to mention my irritability factor. So, when I got tired of his conversation, I started to go off on him.

But instead of apologizing for the late call he said only 5 words, “let’s argue in the morning”. Can you believe that?! He was bold enough to wake me up but not brave enough to take the tongue-lashing that came with it. But for him to tell me that we can postpone our argument until later (one that he started, might I add) made me even more irritated.

Who starts an argument & then wants to schedule it for a later date/time? How ironic, is that? I realize that we can be in a good mood and don’t want that mood spoiled by getting into an argument, but I wonder if men realize how difficult they make things for themselves when they do things like this.

Guys, what are you thinking when you pull stunts like this?!