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What If….?


  • If I were adopted; would I look for my birth parents?
  • If I were White, would I care about #BlackLivesMatter? If I were rich, would I vote for Donald Trump?
  • If I were a man would I want to have children?
  • If I were rich, would I care about lowering taxes for everyone else?
  • If I were short, would I like tall men just as much?
  • If I were older would I be as politically correct as I have to be now?
  • If I didn’t live in America, would I still be a Christian?
  • If I were a man, would I be sick & tired of hearing about “women’s rights”?
  • If I were rich, would I ever clean up again?
  • If I could choose on my own, which era would I want to be born into?
  • If I had children, would I only date men who have children as well?
  • If I knew exactly when I was going to die, would I live my life any differently?
  • If I had a superpower, would I tell anyone else about it?
  • If I could live forever would I really want to?


What are some if the “what if’s” you’ve been wondering about? Share in the comments section   below –