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Guys, Guess What?!

Things I Only Think About On An Airplane


  • How often is the oxygen replaced in the oxygen mask in the overhead compartment that’s supposed to fall in the ‘event of an emergency’?
  • When is the area between each seat ever cleaned?
  • Do those overhead light bulbs ever burn out?
  • How come the flight attendants have to make the same old announcement? Why isn’t there a recording yet?
  • When will the older planes get retro fitted for televisions?
  • When does the pilot get to stretch their legs?
  • You know how they always warn about being careful when opening the overhead compartment after a flight because our carry-ons can shift during travel? Well, I wonder how many people have been hit by ‘displaced’ luggage….
  • I hate sitting in the seats where the only view is that of the wing of the plane. There should be a sign over these seats that says, “Warning – No View”. Who wants those seats?
  • Airplane coffee seems to have the opposite effect on me – it makes me sleepier, not more awake
  • It would be kinda cool if the pilot & co-pilot walked up and down the aisle to greet their passengers
  • An airplane is the only place time (outside of the bathroom) to catch up on some good reading
  • I hope they NEVER allow people to use their cell phones during the flight. That would be majorly annoying!


Do you have any strange or random “airplane thoughts”? If so, please share –