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Help Me Understand – You Get A Championship Ring Even If You Never Play?

With the NBA finals on television I have been trying to follow the games to the very end. I know that both teams are quite talented, which is how they got to the playoffs in the first place so either team deserves to win. But I do find it odd that even though only 5 basketball players can be on the court at one time, all 15 will receive a ring if they win in the NBA finals.

Not only do the players receive a ring but all members or employees of that team get a ring. This means that aside from the starting lineup, the coaches, management and staff also receive a ring. Even the mascot & cheerleaders of that team are eligible for a ring. You don’t even have to get off the bench or set foot on an actual basketball court to get a championship ring. I can’t believe it!

So when Stephen Curry makes the winning shot bringing the Golden State Warriors to victory James McAdoo & Justin Holiday, two players I’ve never heard of, will also receive a championship ring. What sense does that make? Why does everyone on the team get a ring when the only people that contributed to the victory are the star players and the coaches? Cheerleaders don’t help basketball teams win games neither does the office staff.

Giving everyone on the team a ring is like saying every time I buy a Happy Meal from McDonald’s I should get a tax write off because a percentage of my purchase will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.  Why shouldn’t McDonald’s give me a tax break? I am indirectly sponsoring their charity so if they donate because I buy their food, I should somehow be entitled to a tax deduction myself, right? To me this is the same illogic that the NBA uses when they “give out” their championship rings to every member of the winning team.