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Hey Girl, Does He Have Any Friends?

All the single women I know are looking to meet men. They complain about how hard it is to meet a good man & that there aren’t any available. While I don’t completely disagree, I will have to say that it just takes a lot of patience to meet a decent man these days. Every time I talk to my girlfriends about new guys I meet they always ask the same thing – “Does he have any friends?”  So now every time I go out I feel like I have an obligation to meet men that might be good for my friends.

Take last night for an example: I went out to a Hollywood event & met a lot of people. I mean a lot of people. It was a very upscale event & everyone was dressed to the nines. I mixed & mingled with a lot of interesting people. All in all, it was probably the best night I’ve had in 2013! I did meet a lot of men & women, but mostly men. (I guess that’s just the way it is as a female – it’s always easier to meet someone of the opposite gender). All of them were single and seemed to be a “good catch”. I met plastic surgeons, producers, CPA’s and engineers. They weren’t all necessarily my type but they seemed like they could either be placed in the “friend zone” or be a good candidate for someone else.

Before exchanging information with these guys I started thinking about all the single female friends I have & whether or not these men would be a good fit for any of them. I have no shortage of single girlfriends but I don’t want to introduce them to just anybody. So I asked these men a lot of questions to see what kind of women they would like with the hopes of passing their contact info along to someone else who might be interested in them. I’m hoping that maybe one day I can make a love connection!

The problem I face is that a lot of women say that if they meet a man that’s not their type then they wouldn’t bother getting his contact information or introducing them to anyone else. After all, if that man didn’t meet their standards then why would he meet the standards of any of their friends? They don’t want to get cussed out for introducing someone to their girlfriend that they wouldn’t consider dating themselves.  Most of my girlfriends have the same standards that I do but I still don’t know what they will & will not put up with (dating a man without a college degree, or a man who is divorced, etc.)

Ladies, what do you think? Do you look out for your single friends when you meet a guy you may not be interested in?

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