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Why Show Up On Time? Top 10 Reasons Why I Like Showing Up Late

I understand the importance of showing up on time. Whether it’s heading to church, work or a social outing, arriving on time (or even early) shows respect for other people’s time and allows you to get the most out of the event that you’re attending.

With that said, I actually think that there are many more benefits to showing up late than most people think.  Here are my top reasons for showing up late:

  1. I don’t have to deal with awkward chit chat with strangers. I don’t have to mix & mingle with anyone before the event begins if I’m not there
  2. I get a lot of exercise. Arriving late forces me to park in some obscure parking space far away from the event. The further I have to park, the more I have to walk and the more exercise I get
  3. I get better seats. Late people always get ushered directly to the front of the room since all of the other seats are usually taken
  4. Arriving late means that there’s a possibility that there are no more programs or handouts, so I’m not stuck with any flyers that I’ll end up throwing out anyway.
  5. I miss the non-essential parts of the program. All of the announcements & introductions, etc. have concluded by the time I arrive
  6. There’s no waiting to be seated. Since the program has already begun, I’m usually shown to my seat right away
  7. I get to show off my outfit. Everyone is looking me up & down as I walk down the aisle to my seat (in the front, no doubt)
  8. I get to make new friends when I am forced to squeeze by you to get to an empty seat. Since it’s the perfect opportunity to make eye contact, I usually greet these people and offer a friendly greeting right before I step on their toes
  9. No one ever expects me or asks me to take notes because they know that I won’t be there to hear the program in its entirety.
  10. Other people show up late too. And I wouldn’t want them to feel bad, now would I?


Should I Respect An Engagement?: The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants

I have a serious crush on somebody who doesn’t know I exist. Although he’s not engaged, I think he is dating someone that he may be seriously interested in. If that relationship leads to an  engagement, I wonder if I’d have the guts to intervene & let him know how much I like him. I mean, after all, it isn’t over until the wedding, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t encourage women to break up relationships to satisfy their own selfish desires but I do believe that if you have an earnest interest in a man and honestly believes that there is a substantial reason for a relationship with him to prosper, then I think that you should go for it! I mean, you never know what can happen, especially if that turns out to be the right person for you (and for him!).

I wonder how many women have the guts to stand up to a man in a committed relationship that they don’t think is frutiful. Why am I so afraid to go beyond traditional boundaries to fight for a man that I know (or at least think) would have a better shot with me?  Again, I’m not saying anyone should break up a happy home. Once a man is married he’s definitely out of bounds & off limits, but until then I think if a woman has a real chance with a man she should at least put her feelings out there. I fantasize about running into my secret crush & the things I would say to him. Even though he may or may not have a girlfriend, I believe that I should step up should the opportunity presents itself.

After all, wouldn’t you want someone to intervene in your relationship if it was in your best interest?