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Chocolate Vent’s Quote of the Week: “YOU CAN’T OUT SIN GOD’S LOVE.”

Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever.” {Psalm 136:26}


Everlasting Love

Have you ever been in a relationship and your boyfriend at the time wrote you a love letter?  Or, have you ever had a secret crush and you received a greeting card and nice note detailing his
adoration for you? If so, you probably scrutinized each word, took in every compliment and were sincerely flattered by the gesture, even if the feelings weren’t mutual.

Even if you’ve never received a love letter from an ex, I want to remind you that you actually have been given a love letter by someone, and that’s God. God loves you so much in that not only did He send His only begotten Son, Jesus, to die in your place for your sins (Isaiah 53:10)…not only did God send us the Holy Spirit to live inside of us and guide us after Jesus ascended back to heaven (John 14:16)…God made sure you are constantly reminded of His love and adoration for you as He inspired men to pen the pages of The Bible (2 Timothy 3:16) – so you’ll always know that you’re loved.

Never take for granted God’s love for you. Constantly remind yourself by reading parts of His  Love Letter to you each day.  God loves you with an unconditional, everlasting love that will never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). Not only that, He loves you so much that He has committed to spend the rest your life with you, including the afterlife – He wants to spend eternity with you. There is no greater love than the love of Jesus.  He is the greatest love of all.

The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee.  Jeremiah 31:3

*Originally posted on Kim on the Web.

“I Love You, But My Thumbs Are Tired”

Guys, you gotta stop texting me when I ask you to call me instead! Why is that such a hard instruction to follow? As nice as it is to hear from you in the middle of the day, texting should not be the primary method of communication, especially when you are just getting to know me.

If when I met you, I specifically asked you NOT to text me & you proceed to text me then I automatically know you aren’t good at following directions. I’ve even had men text me, “I know you asked me not to text you, but…. ” SO WHY ARE YOU TEXTING ME THEN??! This is an instant turnoff, guys.

You can’t get to know my personality by texting me. You can’t hear the inflection in my voice or hear how my day went if you don’t pick up the phone & call me.  You certainly aren’t focused on me if you text instead of call because hours can go by between texts, but a call can be wrapped up in 15-20 minutes.

I don’t get to hear your sexy voice if you’re always texting me. I can’t crack a joke over text the same way I can over the phone. I can’t sing to you if we aren’t talking. I can’t even focus on what I’m supposed to be doing if I have to keep checking my phone so I can respond to your texts. And I certainly can’t get anything done if I have to keep typing back & forth.

I try to compromise by texting back occasionally but don’t get it twisted – I would much rather talk to you then strain my neck & my fingers messaging you instead. So, why oh why men, do you insist on texting when you know it’s not what we want?! STOP texting me, and pick up the phone instead!

Things That Turn Women On

Different things turn different people on. There are a lot of tangible & intangible reasons why we like what we like, but whether it’s rational or irrational sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. Below are some things that turn women on –

  • Intelligence
  • Cleanliness
  • Music
  • Good cook
  • Newness
  • Nice voice
  • Good listener
  • Hand holding
  • Athletic clothes
  • Beautiful eyes
  • Smell good
  • Height
  • Good smile
  • Nice teeth
  • Man-tears
  • Sense of humor
  • Affection

Men, how many of these qualities do you possess? What qualities turn you on?

Don’t Give Them A Voice

I feel ugly

I’m depressed

I just don’t feel it

I’m not good enough

Nobody wants me

Life is too hard

It’s not worth it

I have nothing to look forward to

God hates me

I’m fat

It’ll never happen for me

I’ll never get any better

Life is so unfair

I can’t

What’s the point?


I can’t help it

I’m getting old

I am too old

No one cares about me

It’ll never happen for me

How Much Should A Single Woman Compromise?

As you get older, you start wonder what it is exactly that is keeping you from meeting that “special someone.” You see your friends, younger family members & your co-workers get married and even get re-married and you wonder why haven’t you been able to find the love of your life yet although it seems like everyone else has. To know that people are on their second and even third marriages while you’ve never even been married once can be a painful blow not only mentally but also emotionally. How is that some people can find multiple partners, yet I am unable to have just one?

It makes you wonder if there’s something wrong with you or if you’re standards are too high. Why is it so difficult to find the person who is just right for me? Grant it, everyone wasn’t meant to be married and others have chosen to never get married (like a priest or a nun) but when you want something really badly & don’t have it seems like you’ll never have it, it’s only natural to look introspectively.

Naturally, my journey of looking inwards begins with me. How do others perceive me? Am I putting myself out there enough? Or maybe too much (can’t keep going to the same watering holes expecting to meet new people). Do I look & dress the best I possibly can when I go out? Do I reek of high self-esteem or are men turned off by whatever vibe I might be putting out there? Am I making an effort to be the best woman I can be to attract the right type of man (attracting men is easy; it’s all about attracting the right man)? These are all questions every woman should be asking herself when she’s not meeting the kind of man she wants to meet.

Next, I look at my standards. Should I be willing to compromise my standards? And if so, which ones? –

  • Should I start dating men with kids?
  • What about dating men who don’t have any formal education?
  • Should I be okay dating men who are inconsistent & don’t call or take me out regularly?
  • What about men who text a lot even though I’ve made it quite clear that I prefer phone calls instead?
  • Is it too much to want to be with a man who actually attends church?
  • Can I meet a man who doesn’t automatically expect sex (either before or during a relationship)?

These are only some of the standards that I don’t want to compromise & shouldn’t have to. Why is that too much to ask for?

Find Balance

In almost everything you want to find balance.
Whether it’s not overeating yet still enjoying your favorite foods every once in a while balanced with regular exercise or physical activity, maintaining a budget while still enjoying life and “fun time” at the same time, or even as a single believer, you want to find balance in this area as well.
You don’t want to be stuck on either side of the scale:  
Side A where your every waking moment is consumed with thoughts of, “Lord when will I get married?  Where is he, Lord? Why am I not married yet?”
Or Side B where you don’t think about marriage at all and have resolved in your mind the fact that your being married, which was a desire of yours
long ago, may never come to pass.

It’s okay to have a desire for marriage, as long as that desire doesn’t have YOU.
Instead, you want to maintain a nice balance and enjoy life now, as a single believer, and be content knowing that your desire for a mate will be met in 
due season.
Instead of getting stuck on one side where your desire turns into a care, you want to instead cast that care on God, leave it in His hands and as the
saying goes, “Let God do it.”
Instead of giving up hope, which is the fuel which causes a Christian to continue on in the things of God, you want to continue in hope, knowing that
God loves you enough not to leave or forsake you in this area. 
So stay in the middle, and maintain a nice balance as you wait on God with joy knowing:
Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.  1 Thessalonians 5:24
Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7
And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee. (Psalm 9:10)