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Discovering God’s Will

Would you say that discovering God’s will is like trying to catch a butterfly that’s always just out of reach? Or is it more like fishing, where you cast your lure and hope for the best? In either case, you lack the assurance that you can know what His will is. Jesus, on the other hand, was absolutely certain that He knew what His Father had planned (John 6:38-39). In fact, the heavenly Father gives believers His Holy Spirit to reveal His purposes for each one.

Scripture is the Lord’s primary means of communication. It is both complete and comprehensive in content. Containing principles that address all areas of life, the Bible is the Father’s instruction book for godly living. You cannot maintain the Christian life apart from a steady diet of His Word.

The Bible’s purpose is to give us guidelines for living, and—through the influence of the Holy Spirit—the wisdom to apply them to our daily decisions. The more familiar we are with Scripture, the easier it will be to see the relevance of biblical precepts to our lives. Not adhering to the Lord’s plan will result in missing out on the abundant spiritual life that Christ has promised. Even more importantly, veering from God’s way will mean failure to bring Him the glory He deserves—glory that would result from following His plan.

Unless the Word of God has a central place in our lives, we’ll find it almost impossible to be certain we are in His will. Today is the day to change all that. God is waiting to meet with you in His Word. Won’t you join Him—nothing on your schedule could possibly be more valuable than time spent with your Father.


I Just Wiped The Slate Clean (Again)!

Every now & then I like to wipe the slate clean and cut off everybody that I’ve been dating. It’s not because I like to start over, it’s just that when things aren’t working out with the people you’ve been dealing with, it’s time to find some new people.

It’s a lot easier when you can tell that the relationships you’re in aren’t going anywhere. What’s the point in keeping someone around when you know it’s not a good fit? As a lot of single women can tell you, it’s very difficult to meet men that you like. Genuinely like, that is. Sure, there are men that “will do” – men who are okay to pass the time with, men you can travel with, men to talk to & hang out with – but not men you actually want to spend the rest of your life with.

I wish I knew why it was so hard to find a good man; there aren’t any good answers to this conundrum. One of the reasons I was okay with wiping the slate clean was because I am emphatically disheartened by my options. My dating slate will continue to be erased over & over again, until I meet someone who makes me want to “throw away” that slate. I just need better choices!

It gets tiring. Starting all over, that is. But it also gets tiring dating men you can’t connect with.

Have you ever gotten tired of ‘wiping your slate clean’?

“Let Some People Make Copies”

This Sunday in church, the preacher said something that was very interesting. She reminded the congregation that everyone has their own calling. Some people are meant to do big things, while others are meant to do smaller things which can be equally important.

Everyone can’t be a Martin Luther King Jr., or a Bill Gates or a Mother Teresa. There have to be people who drive them around, do research for them, answer their phones or even cook for them. As menial as these tasks may seem, there is nothing wrong with them. Similarly, there are going to be people in our lives who may be very talented in their own right but are meant to support those who have a dream, or a vision. Perhaps all these people can do offer their support by lending a listening ear or taking on a smaller task to help make that dream a reality.

If there are people like that in your life, don’t discourage them from taking on smaller tasks if that’s what they feel more comfortable doing. If they want to support you from the background, let them. Don’t push them into taking on something a lot larger than what they’re truly capable of. After all, some people are born “just to make copies.”

Do you know what your calling is?  Are you more of a “spotlight” type of person or more of a “background” type of person?

God Will Find You

Behold, the Lord’s eye is upon those who fear Him [who revere and worship Him with awe], who wait for Him and hope in His mercy and loving-kindness. —Psalm 33:18

I remember a time when I was trying so hard to hear from God and was so afraid I would make a mistake. At the time, I was just beginning to learn to hear God’s voice. Being led by the Spirit was new to me, and I was afraid because I didn’t have enough experience hearing from God to know whether I was truly hearing or not. I didn’t understand that God redeems our mistakes if our hearts are right.

He was speaking to me and trying to get me to step out in faith and do something, but I kept saying, “Lord, what if I miss You? What if I’m not really hearing You and I do the wrong thing? I’m scared I will miss You, God!”

He spoke to me and said simply, “Joyce, don’t worry. If you miss Me, I will find you.” Those words gave me the courage to do what God was calling me to do and brought great peace to my heart. They have encouraged me to step out in faith many, many times since I first heard them. I share them with you today to encourage you, too, to take the steps of faith you need to take in response to what God is saying to you right now.

If you want God’s will in your life more than anything else and if you’ve done everything you know to do to hear from God, then you have to take a chance, step out, and believe. Even if you do make a mistake, God will fix it and work it out for your good.

God’s word for you today: Take a chance on what you believe you’ve heard from God and don’t be afraid of missing Him.

-Joyce Meyer

Ways To Be Romantic

  1. Little handwritten notes – it doesn’t have to be anything specific. Just a simple “hope you have a great day” or “I love you” etc. does the trick.
  2. Forehead kisses
  3. Light non sexual touching
  4. Keeping my favorite snacks around the house
  5. Smiling at me for no particular reason
  6. Sending me flowers
  7. Showing your support (if I have a fundraiser or want to go to an event)
  8. A good hug
  9. Spontaneous dancing – who says you can’t bust out into dance on the kitchen floor randomly?!
  10. Making sure I get home okay – a true gentleman always checks on a lady to make sure she made it to her destination safely.
  11. Hand kisses – how sweet is that?
  12. Make me laugh
  13. Bring me coffee
  14. Holding hands with me
  15. Bring me a plate of dinner (home cooked or store bought)
  16. Help me clean up my house – and not to worry, a guy can do all the light work like vacuuming, folding laundry, windexing, etc.
  17. Ask about my day
  18. Stroke my hair – most women enjoy it when people play in their hair; it feels really good.
  19. Kiss my nose
  20. Surprise me with random surprises!
  21. Filling up all my gas tank – taking care of my car is the same as taking care of me.
  22. Listening – at the end of the day, women want to be heard. Do this, men, and you will be wayyy ahead of other men who may be trying to capture my attention.

What other ways can you be romantic?!