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Sometimes I Just Want To Leave The Bathroom Door Open (And Other Crazy Things)!


Leaving the bathroom door wide open can be very liberating! Why should I be the only one who gets to experience my lovely bathroom ‘fragrances’?! Here are a few other things I’d like to be able to do freely:

  • Turn my phone off – I’d love to be able to turn off my phone for an entire week. No calls, no texts, no nothing! Sometimes I just want people to leave me alone!!!

no cell

  • Blast my stereo – A good song can really get you going sometimes! Turning up the radio can help me clean a little bit faster, exercise a little bit harder or just put me in a better mood.


  • Leave the house with no makeup on – Personally, I think all women need some makeup on (whether a lot or a little). But occasionally it’s nice to let my face be free.

no makeup

  • Crank call a company & try to sell them something – Wouldn’t it be nice to turn the tables on them for once? LOL!

prank calls

  • Tell my boss off – Who hasn’t wanted to do this?! I couldn’t stand my last boss so now that I don’t work for her anymore if I do see her out I just might do that! Besides, it might help her be a better manager to someone else.


  • Wear something wacky – My style of dress is pretty conservative with a dash of contemporary. For example, I wear the same color nail polish so it might be nice to rock some green or blue nail polish on my toes for a change! (That’s about as wacky as it’s going to get with me!)


  • Try a new dish – I do like to try new things, but I haven’t tasted anything outside of my ‘food comfort zone’ in quite a while. If other cultures can eat lizard meat or bull testicles, why can’t we?!

weird food

  • Travel somewhere without packing any clothes – This is on my bucket list. I would love to just jump on the plane & go somewhere (even if it’s planned ahead of time) but just buy everything I need once I get there – from socks to a toothbrush. It would be nice to travel without anything at all, but I guess I do need some ID & money to get me there!


  • Eat garbage – Not literally of course but I’d love to spend the entire weekend eating whatever I want without having to watch the calories. Grant it, most Americans do this anyway but it would be a first for me.

junk food

Is there anything that you’re just dying to do that other people may consider “crazy”? Please share in the comments below –

How To Work A Food Buffet

This past weekend, my father treated my family to an all-you-can-eat Mother’s Day buffet at a nice hotel. I am not a fan of buffets – some people use their hands (gross!), food can fall into the food container next to it and there are always too many kids running around. However, if you show up early enough or if the buffet is “expensive” enough you can usually avoid all of that. Needless to say, we went to a more upscale buffet (if there is such a thing) on Mother’s Day and I had a good time.

Since I have not been to a buffet in a while, I was completely lost as to where to begin, what I should eat, or how much food I should put on my plate at one time. After I got home and took a nap I thought I would write down how to work a buffet in the event I ever go back. And in true Chocolate Vent fashion, I thought I would share these rules with you!

  1. First, you gotta circle around the entire buffet at least once. You have to know what is available, what is fresh, and more importantly, what is still hot. This also allows you to be nosey and look at what other people are eating to see if you want what they have. Plus, you need to get a good mental picture of how many times you think you’ll be able to go back.
  2. Once you know what is there, you can start on your first course. I recommend going for the starter dishes, like soup, because they are not filling and it gets your stomach ready for what’s to come.
  3. Then I recommend sampling everything that you’ve ever wanted to try before but haven’t been able to. On Sunday, I tried something new myself. It was called a “pea shot”, which was basically about 5 tablespoons of pureed peas with a dollop of whipped cream and caviar on top. As you could imagine it didn’t taste all that great. It was my first & last time ever taking a “pea shot” (still can’t believe I chugged baby food). Only at a buffet would I have been able to experience such a thing!
  4. After sampling you should go for the delicacies, the seafood or anything that you wouldn’t normally (or can’t afford to) eat. Since everything is all-inclusive, you might as well take advantage of the ‘finer foods’ that the buffet has to offer. And even though some people think that ordering a drink will take up unnecessary space in their stomach, I say, be sure to order a beverage. It will definitely help wash all the food down that you’re about to eat.
  5. The next course is when you can get down to business! It’s now time for the meats, the potatoes and everything else that you would normally eat. You’re done with experimenting for the day, so go ahead & eat what you like.
  6. After you’re finished with everything that you like, you should go for a salad or even some fresh fruit. This will help cleanse your palate and settle the food in your stomach (I’m no doctor, but it sounds right to me).
  7. Finally, it’s time to indulge in a dessert or two (or three, or four). At this point, you’re probably stuffed so know that it’s okay to stop & take a break.
  8. The final & most important rule of all: Repeat steps 1-7  🙂

Happy Buffet-ing!

buffet 1


It Doesn’t Take All Day To Eat A Turkey

Another Thanksgiving Day is almost here. There won’t be any turkey at my family’s house this year, instead we’ll be eating out but I know a lot of other families will be preparing large Thanksgiving dinners. That’s all well & good, but I hope that those people don’t lose sight of what’s important during this holiday – the season of giving thanks.

Personally, it’s been a rough year for me but I still have a lot to be thankful for. Don’t worry, I won’t get into that during this post. Maybe another time or even Thanksgiving, 2015. For now, I’d like to focus on other things you could be doing on Thanksgiving Day because let’s face it, it doesn’t take all day to eat a turkey! See below:

Volunteer – If you have food to eat & family to spend the day with, then you’re better off than close to 700,000 homeless people in this country. Before (or after) feeding yourself, find time to go & help feed other people tomorrow. Look for local volunteer opportunities in your area –  

Go shopping – We all know about the great deals that go on during Black Friday. But why wait? Why not start shopping on Thanksgiving? Click here to see which stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day. If you insist on joining the madness on Friday, be sure to coordinate all of your store visits by clicking here. You could even have some fun by setting up an early breakfast or luncheon after you’re done with your midnight shopping runs. Last but not least, if you’re not interested in hitting any stores this season, keep your computer running so that you can shop online. There are great deals online, some greater than what you would find in the actual stores. So stay inside where it’s warm and click away!

Get one last good workout in before eating – We all know that Thanksgiving comes & goes and leaves us with extra pounds that we didn’t ask for. Instead of waiting for the new year to begin working out why not start today? Here are some quick workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home before you sit down for dinner on Thursday:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Push-ups
  • Crunches
  • Squatting
  • Running in place
  • Lunges
  • Planking

Collect recipes now for leftovers – Nobody likes getting stuck with a bunch of leftovers. But since that’s what always happens on Thanksgiving, you might as well learn some new ways to handle all that extra turkey. Karen Temple from The Aiken Standard wrote some tips on how to handle all the leftovers –

The practice of eating leftovers has been around since man first discovered that food gathered or hunted today could be ‘preserved’ and safely eaten tomorrow. But that’s just the thing – you want to make sure the leftovers are safe and not going to make anyone sick!

  • Since you know there are likely to be leftovers from the Thanksgiving meal, safe food handling practices become even more important. Be extremely careful that you don’t cross contaminate, taking particular care to keep items that will be eaten raw away from uncooked poultry or meat while preparing the food
  • After the meal, package and refrigerate leftovers promptly. Do not leave items on the table or kitchen counter for grazing throughout the day! Large amounts of dense foods (mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc) will cool more quickly if packaged in smaller containers for storage
  • Most leftovers can be safely stored in the refrigerator for three to four days if they have been properly handled on the front end. After that, the risk of food poisoning increases
  • If you will not be eating the leftover food within three to four days, freeze it immediately. Bacteria do grow at refrigeration temperatures (just more slowly than at room temp) so don’t store the food in the refrigerator for days before deciding to freeze it
  • Lastly, when in doubt, throw it out  


Clink on some of the links below for ‘leftover recipes’ –


Happy Turkey Day everyone!!