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Please, Stop Taking Pictures With Your Tablet (You’re Annoying Everybody)

Been to a concert lately? How about a high school or college graduation? Maybe a national park?

If so, you’ve probably encountered a disturbing new trend: people wandering around with iPads and Galaxy Tabs held up in front of their faces, vainly trying to snap photos in among the crowd. And if you’re anything like me, your reaction was probably one of sudden, inchoate rage.

I know, for instance, that it took every bit of my self-control and composure to keep from losing it at the lady who I saw trying to take an iPad selfie with a buffalo in Yellowstone. The buffalo didn’t look too thrilled about it, either.

To make matters worse, Apple keeps improving the iPad’s camera. With the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, the company had the audacity to add a camera flash and 12-megapixel sensor to the tablet.

All I can do now is implore you to, please, stop taking photos with your iPad. With just one caveat, there’s no good reason to shoot with a tablet instead of a smartphone or (heaven forbid) a real camera. And there are plenty of reasons not to.

How obvious is it? Let us count the ways…

1. You look ridiculous.

Sure, this is superficial (and completely subjective), but you look like a total goon when you hold a giant glass rectangle up in front of your face in public. Don’t believe us? Just have a look:

You look ridiculous.

2. You’re blocking everyone’s view.

The most popular tablets today are big tablets (10-plus inches), and when an entire crowd of people starts holding them up, no one can see anything. There’s a reason why more and more music venues and bands are banning them from shows.

You're blocking everyone's view.

3. Your smartphone camera is better.

Tablet cameras are almost always inherited directly from a given company’s smartphones, and often from a phone at least a couple generations old.

That means the camera in your iPad, Galaxy Tab, or Nexus tablet is probably inferior to—or in the best case equivalent to—the one in your pocket. (It just so happens that the new iPad Pro’s camera is identical to that of the iPhone 6S.) Given the above issues with tablet shooting, why not just use the far less ridiculous smartphone camera?


4. You’re killing your battery life.

Tablet screens are huge, and huge screens are power-hungry. Keeping a huge screen active as a viewfinder is pretty much the most power-intensive way to use it. If you want to be able to use your tablet for, y’know, tablet stuff—like playing games, reading, or browsing the web—just stop taking photos.


Don’t let yourself become a victim of Dead iPad Battery Syndrome (DiBS). View Larger

5. Did we mention you look ridiculous?

There was once a great site called iPad is Not a Camera that provided an outlet for any well-informed vigilante to bust goons in the act of ruining dance recitals and trips to Disney World. Sadly, the site seems to have been taken down.

We’ve highlighted some of the best photos from the site below.

What’s that caveat you mentioned?

Setting aside the fact that it brutalizes your battery and makes you look like a real jabroni, that giant screen actually makes for a pretty excellent viewfinder. When trying to carefully compose creative shots, it can be a real lifesaver—especially in places with poor lighting.

(Of course, poor lighting also means you’re going to get pretty crappy photos, no matter how well-composed. See #3.)


So let’s take a stand against tablet camera use. Buy yourself a good standalone camera, or at the very least, use the smartphone you’ve already got in your pocket. Otherwise, we could very well end up in a dystopian future where lenses are obsolete and the tablets just keep getting bigger and bigger, until they block out the sun and every living thing on earth perishes.

Okay, maybe not. But they will just keep on getting bigger.

A 42″ tablet?! We give up, use them in public all you want.


*Originally posted on Reviewed.

Do You Take A Lot Of Selfies? Then You May Be Mentally Ill

Celebrities take them to show off their lavish lifestyles and normal people use them to document their movements on social media sites.

But experts have linked selfies with mental illness and have suggested that people regularly searching for the perfect angle from which to portray themselves could in some cases be ill.

One leading psychiatrist said the majority of patients he sees with Body Dysmorphic Disorder take a lot of selfies.

Dr. David Veale, a consultant psychiatrist at the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust and The Priory Hospital, told The Sunday Mirror: ‘Two out of three of all the patients who come to see me with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) since the rise of camera phones have a compulsion to repeatedly take and post selfies on social media sites.’

He told MailOnline: ‘Taking selfies is not an addiction – it’s a symptom of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) that involves checking one’s appearance.’

Cognitive behavioural therapy is often used to help patients moderate their obsessive behaviour relating to their appearance.

Sufferers of BDD can spend hours trying to take pictures that do not show any defects or flaws in their appearance, which they are very aware of but which might be unnoticeable to others

In one extreme case of the disorder, a British teenager Danny Bowman tried to commit suicide because he was unsatisfied with his appearance in the selfies he took.

He was so desperate to attract girls, he spent 10 hours a day taking more than 200 selfies trying to find the perfect image, but his habit, which began at the age of 15, caused him to drop out of school and lose almost two stone in weight.

He did not leave his house in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for six months, and when he failed to take a flawless shot, he tried to kill himself by taking an overdose.

His mother, Penny, managed to save him, but he was forced to seek medical help after his habit had spiralled out of control.

He told the Sunday Mirror: ‘I was constantly in search of taking the perfect selfie and when I realised I couldn’t, I wanted to die.

‘I lost my friends, my education, my health and almost my life. The only thing I cared about was having my phone with me so I could satisfy the urge to capture a picture of myself at any time of the day.’

In an article for Psychology Today, Dr Pamela Rutledge, Director of the Media Psychology Research Centre in Boston Massachusetts, said: ‘Selfies frequently trigger perceptions of self-indulgence or attention seeking social dependence that raises the ‘damned-if-you-do and damned-if-you-don’t’ spectre of either narcissism or very low self-esteem.’


BDD is characterised by a preoccupation with one or more perceived flaws in appearance, which are unnoticeable to others, according to the BDD Foundation.

As well as the excessive self-consciousness, individuals with BDD often feel defined by their flaw.

They often experience an image of their perceived defect associated with memories, emotions and bodily sensations – as if seeing the flaw through the eyes of an onlooker, even though what they ‘see’ may be very different to their appearance observed by others.

Sufferers tend repeatedly to check on how bad their flaw is  – for example in mirrors and reflective surfaces –  attempt to camouflage or alter the perceived defect and avoid public or social situations or triggers that increase distress.

People with BDD can find themselves housebound or seek out needless cosmetic surgery. They are also at an increased risk of suicide.

Preoccupation with selfies can be a visible indicator of a young person with a lack of confidence or sense of self that might make him or her a victim of other problems as well.’

She believes that excessive or provocative taking of selfies is a form of ‘acting out’ in young people and can be a cry for help.


*Article originally published on Daily Mail.

Pregnancy Is Not Pretty!

September is the most popular month to give birth. With close to 4 million births last year, it’s apparent that the majority of these newborns were conceived in those winter months (which will be coming up soon!). According to Baby Center, the most popular day for babies to make their entrance into the world is Tuesday, followed by Monday. Sunday is the slowest day. Scheduled C-sections and induced labors have a big influence on the fact that fewer babies are born on the weekend but spontaneous (non-scheduled) deliveries occur less often on the weekend too.

So…….since this is the most popular birthmonth, I thought I’d share some of the most interesting pregnancy photos I’ve ever seen. Enjoy viewing these expectant mothers (along with my commentary, of course) –

pregnant 19

This is actually pretty funny. She is doing everything you’re NOT supposed to do when you’re pregnant but everything you CAN do after you have the baby. Cheers!

pregnant 4

Um, I thought the sonogram was supposed to be on the inside of the stomach, not the outside.

pregnant 1

This is just creepy.

pregnant 2

Cute – both have big bellies. Except hers is excusable, his is not.

pregnant 3

I hope this picture means she’s having a girl. If not – AWKWARD!

pregnant 5

Why is he pushing in her belly button? Does he think it’s a doorbell or something?!
And what’s with the all black outfits? Having a baby is supposed to be a joyous occasion, not a tragedy

pregnant 6

I hope she’s not seriously riding a horse while she’s that pregnant. This pose would be okay for her wedding day, but not for an “I’m pregnant” photo.

pregnant 7

Is that moss? What in the world?! Where is she & what scene is she trying to recreate? I just don’t get it…

pregnant 8

Okay, now they’re just showing us how they got pregnant in the first place. Gross!

pregnant 9

I hope they’re having a boy. Otherwise, this is just weird.

pregnant 10

Okay, I hope this couple is having a girl. Otherwise, what in the world were they thinking? And why is he wearing a pair of jeans & a sleeveless shirt in a dance studio? Could he be any more under-dressed for this picture?

pregnant 11

I’m not quite sure what’s going on here – maybe she’s supposed to be in the ocean or maybe she’s like the fetus inside the womb. I’m not really sure. But whatever look she was going for, it’s not working for her.

pregnant 12

Okay, I get what they were going for here. Not all that funny, but they’re young so I guess it’s kinda cute.

pregnant 14

Just plain weird.

pregnant 15

Who uses their actual belly for the countdown to when they give birth? This reminds me of the movie Shawshank Redemption, in a strange sorta way.

pregnant 16

It’s a BOY!
(But then why are you in a flower field?!)

pregnant 17

I’m not quite sure what this is supposed to represent. The belly of Life? Or that your baby is “underground” waiting to blossom? Coincidentally, this is exactly what a funeral plot in a cemetery looks like.

pregnant 18

This is different! But I think I would much rather have a basketball cake than a basketball belly.

pregnant 13

Instead of taking this photo, I think the photographer should be calling 911. I hope that’s not how she takes a nap because she looks catatonic to me.


Gosh, this is a tough one. They all look so pregnant, actually the men more than the woman! But this will make for a funny family Christmas card!

What the heck were these expectant parents thinking? I wonder how long it took for them to look back on these photos in shame. If you know anyone who took “crazy” pregnancy photos, why did they do it? Furthermore, did anyone try to stop them? Please share in the comments section below –

See How Hilarious It Is To Be A Father!

Remember Dave Engledow, the self-proclaimed “World’s Best Father”?

2. He’s back with a new book and a handful of incredible new pictures of him and his 3-year-old, Alice Bee.

3. And his portraits of family life are just as amazing as ever.

4. The 43-year-old married dad has been capturing life with Alice since she was about 6 weeks old, starting with this photo.

“When I first started, the idea was that I just kind of wanted to make fun of myself because I was feeling incredibly exhausted and sleep-deprived,” Engledow told BuzzFeed, “so I wanted to capture just how clueless and sleepy I felt.”

5. This was another early favorite, inspired by Engledow’s “deathly” fear that he would leave Alice’s car seat on top of the car.

“I think early on in the series a lot of the photos were me kind of playing out things that I was afraid of as a father,” he said.

6. Engledow said he often shoots his and Alice’s parts separately, then edits the pictures together. Shooting the photos can take an hour or two, but editing takes anywhere from five to 20 hours.

“Sometimes she’s into it, sometimes we have to offer some serious bribes to get her to participate,” he said. “It’s kind of a thing that she and I do together and sometimes it’s fun for her, and sometimes she would rather be doing anything else but that.”

7. Alice’s bribes include things like fruit snacks and Popsicles, or, if they need to “break out the big guns,” chocolate.

8. Though he started off just posting the pictures to entertain his family and friends on Facebook, Engledow ramped up his photography when some friends said they’d buy a calendar full of photos of him and Alice.

9. A year later, after creating a Kickstarter for his second calendar, the campaign — and his photos — took off when it was chosen as one of the site’s staff picks.

Engledow now has 105,000 Facebook fans.

10. Though Engledow doesn’t work as a photographer full-time — he’s deputy director at the nonprofit Working America — he received a photojournalism degree from the University of Texas.

“Having a full-time job allows me to shoot whatever I want. I have the freedom to just photograph the things I’m interested in. And right now, obviously, that’s taking pictures of our family and Alice.”

11. He also has the support of his wife, Jen, who helps behind the scenes and keeps Alice “happy and well-fed” during the photo shoots, even sometimes appearing in them herself.

“Now that Alice is a little bit older, she keeps asking to have mommy in the pictures as well,” Engledow said, “so we’ve trying to get Jen to get in front of the camera a bit more in recent months.”

12. The Takoma Park, Md., resident said he finds lots of inspiration from pop culture, like with this Breaking Bad-themed photo of them making rock candy, and from Alice’s life milestones, or just things that excite her (like throwing things in the toilet).

They’ve also done Walking Dead and “Gangnam Style” photos.

13. As for how long they’ll keep doing it, Engledow said his little girl will be the deciding factor.

14. “I don’t want to be one of those parents that pushes their kids to do what I want them to do. If at any point she says, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore, Daddy,’ I think we’d respect that.”

15. Eventually, Engledow said he’d like for his daughter to help him come up with ideas for the series.

“My hope is that as she gets a little bit older, she and I will start coming up with ideas together, and that we’ll kind of be partners in the project,” he said.

16. Though it’s been three years, Engledow said Alice still gets excited to see the photos, but is still too young to realize their internet fame is out of the ordinary.

“She was really excited when we got our copy of the book in the mail, but I don’t think she realizes yet that this is an unusual thing,” he said. “I think she thinks that that’s just something that happens.”
*Originally published on Buzzfeed.

You Went To Prom Wearing That?

Prom season is here! There is so much to think about from dresses to limos and pictures to hair appointments.  According to Glamour.com, families spent $1,139 on prom expenditures last year and those numbers are expected to increase with each passing year.

There are a lot of ways to save money on prom costs such as splitting costs with your date, limo pooling with other couples and borrowing accessories from friends. But regardless of how much money you’re able to save (or not save), one thing you can’t be cheap with are the photos. These will last you a lifetime and may end up in your high school yearbook, or worse yet – all over the internet!

Take a look at some of the craziest photos taken during prom season:


prom 12

prom 10

prom 7

prom 1

prom 18

prom 6

prom 2

prom 20

prom 11

prom 9

prom 8

prom 5

prom 4

prom 3

prom 17

prom 19

The More I Stay In, The Less I Spend (Part 2)

Another weekend is here! Do you have plans?! Are you having company?! Are you going out?! Or are you like me – staying in & watching movies on your couch? Well, if you’re not like me & you will be getting out of the house, great! But if you’re more like me, here are some activities you can do from the comfort of your own house –

  1. Listen to the radio and sing along – I love to sing when I’m all by myself.  I think I sound better than Beyoncé & Barbara Streisand combined =). Crank up your stereo & let your voice rip!
  2. Meditate – This may sound boring but it’s a great way to kind of “relax, relate & release”. Focus on something (or someone) in your mind and tune everything else out for a little while
  3. Create a meal from your leftovers – Every Friday night I like to raid my refrigerator to create new dishes. This allows me to use up my leftovers without spending money on additional groceries
  4. Go shopping in your own closet to create new outfits – Just like I do in the kitchen, I like to create new pieces from existing garments I already have. This makes me feel like I just went shopping without spending any extra money
  5. Plan your next trip – Now that the holidays are over, travel season has really begun. Have you already booked your airfare, reserved your rental car or purchased your train ticket to get out of town? This is definitely the time of year to book vacations before prices go up too much, so plan now
  6. Create a bucket list – No one wants to think about when they are going to kick the bucket but it’s still nice to prepare. What are those activities that you are just “dying” to do? (no pun intended. Actually yes, the pun was intended)
  7. Find lots of great ideas and projects to do on Pinterest – Pinterest is so much fun for DIY projects or to develop different creative ideas. Click here – Pinterest.com
  8. Create a collage from your photos – Remember pictures? I mean, actual pictures – like 35 millimeter photos that you had to get developed & take home with you. Well, if you have any of those tucked away then the weekend is a great time to dig them out and create a collage or scrapbook
  9. Catch up on the latest news – It’s nice to catch up with old friends & find out what’s going on in their world, but don’t forget to learn about what is going on in the world. Check your local listings for CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN and even PBS
  10. Create an online photo gallery to send to loved ones who are far away – I know almost everyone uses Facebook to post their photos, but trying giving other sites a chance to host your online photo albums, such as Kodak, Flickr, or Dropbox. These site offer a ‘cleaner’ photo-sharing experience and allows people to access your pictures without having to scroll through a bunch of B.S. to get there