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What Did You Leave In 2017?

Every time a new year begins, people tend to reflect on what didn’t happen in the year that just ended. As I reflect on 2017 I realize that while it was a pretty good year for me, there was a lot that I just didn’t get to. There were some great things that happened but there are some accomplishments that I left on the table last year.

One thing I can say that I would like to leave in 2017 are bad habits. This encompasses a lot including eating out too much (this put a hurtin’ on my wallet!), financial stress, and feeling bad about things beyond my control. I won’t go into each of these topics individually, but I do feel that I could’ve had a better year had I not allowed these habits to drag on so I’ve decided not to carry into the new year.

It’s easy to look back & feel sorry for yourself because of what happened or what didn’t happen during any given timeframe. I’ve been there, done that many times and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere. I realize that there’s no point. Even biblically speaking, once God forgives you He forgets (of course God doesn’t literally forget anything, but He doesn’t hold it against you anymore) Micah 7:18. So that begs the question – what are you holding on to in 2018 that you should leave in 2017?

Now that a new year has begun, I can work on areas of improvement and look forward to having a fresh outlook in the new year without the guilt of not doing everything I wanted last year.

What are some of the things that you wish you had done last year?