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Where Is Your Sanctuary?

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Having your own private sanctuary is essential to having good mental health. No matter how much time you spend there, everyone needs some “quiet time.” Not only is having that personal space important, it’s equally important where that time is spent. Here are some places that people use as their private sanctuary:

The kitchen – There’s nothing like whipping up something great to inspire great thoughts. Whether it’s chopping up potatoes, mixing cake batter or even washing dishes it can be very soothing to be alone & working with my hands. Whether it’s sunny outside or even raining, sometimes staring out of the kitchen window can cause me to get lost in deep thought. Even standing over a hot stove can make me come with ideas I had never thought of before. The kitchen is definitely a good place to think.

The car – Driving alone in the car is one of the few times where you have pure solitude. You’re going somewhere which is all the more reason to think about the future. Where are you going in life? How are you going to get there? When do you plan on getting there? These are all “life” questions I ask myself whenever I drive alone.

The bathroom (don’t worry, this isn’t what you think) – Sometimes while I’m taking a hot shower I can actually get a lot of thinking done. The shower can be a very relaxing place, similar to a sauna, and there is nothing else for me to do but focus on cleaning myself & getting my thoughts together.

Really, your sanctuary can be just about anywhere, as long as it’s yours & yours alone.

Where is your private sanctuary? Is it somewhere in your home or a quiet place that no one knows about? Does anyone know about this place other than you?

Keep Trusting God For The Rest Of 2016!

I am thoroughly convinced that this year could be the best year of your life!
Whether it’s stepping out on faith into your purpose and calling, a promotion on the job or a new job, receiving the manifestation of God’s promises to You, or simply coming into full realization of how special, wonderful and worthy you are to be the best and receive the best; get ready for all God has in store.
For the rest of this year, choose not to worry or fret about your future.

Put it all in God’s hands; trust Him fully and completely; do His will for your life right now and focus on what He wants you to do. (1 Corinthians 7:32)
Concerning your desire for a mate (if that’s your desire), remember that God has not forgotten you, He always has you on His mind; even while you’re asleep; He simply wants what’s best for you and for you to trust Him with your life.
So this year, trust God and don’t fret.
If doubt, fear, and worry creep into your mind or heart, bind it out loud in the Name of Jesus! (Matthew 16:19)
Don’t allow past or present circumstances to determine your destiny or predict your future; put it in the Lord’s hands and trust that He holds the key to your dreams and all you could ever wish for and more.

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,  Ephesians 3:20

 But I would have you without carefulness. He that is unmarried careth for the things that belong to the Lord, how he may please the Lord:  1 Corinthians 7:32

*Originally published on Kim on the Web.

28, No 29 Reasons Why We Still Need A Black History Month

With everything going on, many question the need for Black History Month 150 years after slavery. Well here are 29 GOOD reasons why this country needs to continue to celebrate Black History Month every February. Click on the picture to read more:

  1. Oscars
  2. ALM 2
  3. Starwars boycott
  4. Rancic
  5. nshirt
  6. Charleston9
  7. CEO
  8. SandraBland
  9. FGray
  10. Mizzou
  11. blackface
  12. Cam Newton
  13. cornrows
  14. Connecticut
  15. classroom dragged
  16. Harvard
  17. Miami
  18. Flint
  19. SCOTUS
  20. Racist cop
  21. TX pool party
  22. Wine train
  23. MLynch
  24. Loretta Lynch
  25. Oklahoma
  26. Hospital
  27. wealth gap
  28. Dolezal


Yep, all of these events took place in 2015. Remember to click on the picture to read more about it. Which of them do you remember?



This is the plan determined for the whole world;
    this is the hand stretched out over all nations.
For the Lord Almighty has purposed, and who can thwart him?
    His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back {Isaiah 14:26-27}

God Knows What’s Up!

While we thank God, every day, for new grace and new mercy, we want to be mindful not to use His grace like a credit card – sin now, repent later.

I believe the main difference between a Christian and a non-Christian is that a Christian should never purposefully set out to sin.

We should never take the position within ourselves of, “Oh, God knows my heart.  He know I gotta go out and get some from Jerome tonight. I plan to repent afterward – God’ll just have to understand.”

He understands all right – He understands that you get a kick out of taking advantage of Him.

No one likes to feel used or taken advantage of.  The God we serve is real with real feelings.  The Bible makes several references in Scripture regarding how he felt when man decided to turn away from Him and do wicked in His sight.  It actually hurt His feelings.

And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. Genesis 6:6

God is searching the earth, right now, to and fro for someone whose heart is pure toward Him and who He can show Himself strong in.

God wants to bless you with all the desires of your heart and more as you seek His face and follow after His will, but as long as you continue to live in sin, or follow after a lifestyle of unrighteousness his hands are tied.

Thank God for the grace of God, but once you repent, which means turn away, determine in your heart not to make the same mistake again, and don’t put yourself in the same predicament that may have caused the slip in the first place.

Abstain from all appearance of evil. 1 Thessalonians 5:22

For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. 2 Chronicles 16:9a

God knows

*Originally published on Kim on the Web.

Who Touched You This Week?


We are just about two months into the New Year & it was only the other day that someone actually touched me. No, I don’t mean “touch” as in anything sexual or even sensual, but “touch” as in a hug or even an extended handshake.

You see for a lot of single people like me, we can go days & sometimes even weeks without actually being touched. Just imagine: At work, no one is going to hug you or lay hands on you. So where outside of work would people touch you? The grocery store? Nope, just shopping there. At the gym? No, everyone is in their own world there. How about the gas station? No, everything is self-serve these days. Well, what about at church? Okay, church may be the 1 place where you can get physical contact. Churchgoers are usually touchy feely, which is definitely a good thing. Some churches will tell you to “hug your neighbor” or “greet someone on the way out”. I know mine certainly does that. But not every church is like that. And sometimes you may not be able to stay for the whole service or you may not even be sitting in an area where there is no one to greet. Then what? My point is that without a significant other a lot of time can pass where no one touches me at all.

So how does this make me feel? Well to be honest there are times when it doesn’t phase me. There are certainly other ways to connect with people without having to be “touched”. But other times, like on Valentine’s Day or my birthday, I am reminded of Maslov’s hierarchy of needs & the need for friendship, family, intimacy and a sense of connection.

Do you go out of your way to physically greet your single friends? A hug, a pat on the back or even just a tug at the elbow may be just the touch they need to make their day. If you know someone who’s alone don’t be afraid to “reach out & touch someone’s hand.”