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The media has a way of portraying young African American males in a very negative light. With everything that has been going on in Ferguson, MO the pictures that we see of Michael Brown Jr. are ‘gangster-like’ and don’t show him to be the innocent victim that he is. White people are shown in a completely different light. Instead of selecting a photo of Michael Brown Jr. smiling or with family, they keep showing the picture of him looking mean outdoors in a sports jersey, whereas Whites are often shown fully clothed, smiling and ‘full of potential’ (think of the Columbine shooter, or the Aurora movie theater shooter). Why not show Michael’s high school graduation picture? Or a family photo instead? They didn’t even mention in the headline that he was a soon-to-be college student. Case & point below:

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There is a hashtag “#IfTheyGunnedMeDown” that has gone viral on Twitter, showcasing 2 different African Americans with 2 different looks – one “hardcore” look and one “regular” look. The whole point is to make a mockery of the negative stereotype that the media CHOOSES to portray of African Americans.

Take a look:


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The White guy below tweeted that if he was gunned down, he was sure that the media would choose to show his picture on the right, not the one on the left. I won’t argue with that –

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 Do you have any “gangster” looks that the media would use AGAINST you? Let me know what you think in the comments below –