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Have You Ever Been ‘Right Wrong’?

Have you ever said something that you thought was right but it was actually wrong? Maybe you’ve heard other people say it so frequently that it just seemed right. Or perhaps it sounded correct so you just went along with it, thinking that it must be okay. Well I’ve embarrassed myself by using incorrect words or phrases before. Sometimes others corrected me & sometimes I ended up finding out the “hard way”.

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly misused phrases and let me know if you’ve ever used any of them –

  • For all intensive purposes – I haven’t met one person yet who hasn’t gotten this wrong at some point in their life. The real statement should be “for all intents and purposes” but if you say it too quickly “intents and” becomes “intensive.” Just try saying it & you’ll see what I mean. I really think that “intensive purposes” sounds better though. I mean intents & purposes almost mean the same thing, don’t they? Besides, since everyone says “intensive” the whole phrase should be changed anyhow.
  • I’ll touch bases with you – I didn’t find out that this phrase was wrong until I was in my mid-twenties. I always figured that just like a baseball field has 4 bases, I would try to hit each & every base with the person I was dealing with. (I don’t know, it all made sense at the time) Well, when I found out that I was wrong I was so embarrassed. It shouldn’t be “bases” but “base” – “I’ll touch base with you”. I guess that means one base per person, please!
  • Conversate – Aauugghh! This word gets on my nerves. There really is no such word as conversate, it’s converse. I know that the word conversate seems like an abbreviation of the word conversation, but why add more letters to a word when you don’t have to? Just leave it at converse & leave the extra letters to someone else.
  • Irregardless – I would love to meet the person who made up this word. Apparently, whoever it was didn’t know the meaning of the word “regardless” because if they did they wouldn’t have made this word up. Again, why add extra letters when you don’t have to?
  • Between you & I – I get annoyed when I hear this because I feel like this is something everyone should’ve learned in grammar school. It’s “between you & me” folks, not I! An easy way to remember this is to take the middle letter in the word ‘between’ and turn it upside down – the “w” becomes a m” and you add the letter e right next to it. All the letters you need are already in the word; there is no “I” in between.
  • I could care less vs. I couldn’t care less – Everyone has got to know that you’re not supposed to tell someone that you could care less. After all, that just means that there’s still some room left for you not to care. Lol!

Alright so ‘fess up. Which of these are you guilty of using?

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