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Is The 2nd Born Child Always The Best Looking?

Every time a new celebrity comes on the scene, I always have a debate with my friends about who is the better looking: the celebrity themselves or one of their siblings. I know it may sound crazy but there is always a better looking child in the family, no matter how many siblings there may be. Two parents can produce good looking children, but the same two parents can produce great looking children.

Let’s take a look at some examples, shall we?:

    • Brad Pitt & Doug Pitt – Little do people know about Doug Pitt, Brad’s little brother. Even though they are only 3 years apart in age, big brother Brad is definitely the better looking one. Who wouldn’t agree?!

(Doug, Brad)

    • Kourtney & Kim & Khloe Kardashian – Ah, the infamous Kardashion krew. I may be in the minority but I actually think Kourtney is the prettiest. She has a very classic look and doesn’t need lots of makeup or flashy clothing to look good. But Kim’s 22 million Twitter followers would say otherwise.

(Kourtney, Khloe, Kim)

    • Mark & Donnie Wahlberg – Everybody knows these 2 brothers from their ever-so-popular singing careers in the 90’s (can you say ‘New Kids On The Block’?). Donnie is the older one, but Mr. Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch is the cuter one.

(Mark, Donnie)

    • Venus & Serena Williams – Both have very similar looks to me (not to mention bangin’ bodies), but I think most people would vote Serena as the prettier one.

(Venus, Serena)

    • Owen & Luke Wilson – This one is tough. Owen is the older brother but I think that little brother Luke is cuter. He’s got the whole ‘strong jawline’ thing working for him plus he’s a tad taller than his older brother.

Wislon bro
(Owen, Luke)

    • Jessica & Ashlee Simpson – Both of these talented singers are pretty but I think older sister Jessica may have Ashlee beat.

(Ashlee, Jessica)

    • Chris Rock & Tony Rock – Chris may be the Emmy® award winner but I think Tony definitely has him beat in the looks department (yet, he’s still single). Maybe that’s why Chris is the funnier one. Lol!

Rock Bros
(Chris, Tony)

    • Kate & Samantha Beckinsale – Both sisters are actresses born & bred in England but only younger sister Kate was named as the ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ from Esquire.

Beckingsale_40Samantha beckinsale_47
(Kate, Samantha)

    • The Wayans brothers (Keenan, Damon, Shawn, Marlon) – There are so many Wayans brothers (10 siblings in total) so it’s kinda hard to choose but I think that the most attractive Wayan is Shawn. He’s tall, suave & funny and his head isn’t shaped funny like his brothers.

(Marlon, Shawn, Damon, Keenan)

    • Britney & Jamie Lynn Spears – While Jamie is the younger sister most would agree that Britney is the “cuter” sister.

(Britney, Jamie Lyn)

    • Eddie Murphy & Charlie Murphy – Eddie Murphy is Charlie Murphy’s younger brother. They are both comedians & actors but which one is better looking? Twelve million of his Facebook followers would probably tell you it’s Eddie.

(Charlie, Eddie)

    • Beyonce & Solange Knowles – This is a no-brainer. Next!

(Solange, Beyoncé)

So I guess there are some exceptions; the 2nd born isn’t always the best looking. What do you think?

Are there any other families who tend to have one sibling that’s better looking than the others? If you can think of anyone else that should be included please share in the comments section
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Kimye + Vogue = Really?

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it seems that Kanye West & Kim Kardashian made the cover of next month’s Vogue magazine. If this is true, how in the world did this happen? Wasn’t Vogue supposed to be the premiere international fashion magazine?

According to their company overview Vogue strives to be “thought-provoking, relevant and always influential, Vogue defines the culture of fashion.” But how is allowing Kim Kardashian on the cover ‘defining the culture of fashion’? Nothing that she has said, done or worn has been influential to the typical Vogue reader. Their readership is one of class, style and elegance not trendy, trashy or “common”. Kim’s clothing as of late has been quite underwhelming, as I’m sure most fashionista’s would agree.  I mean her clothing line is in Sears, for pete’s sake! How Vogue worthy is that?

Let’s look at Kim’s accomplishments, shall we? She made a sex tape, dated professional athletes back-to-back with no real job or income, never attended college, has been divorced from two different men all by the age of 30 and  had a baby out of wedlock. How is this Vogue-cover material? Why has she been selected to be on the same magazine as our First Lady Michelle Obama, Academy Award© winner Sandra Bullock, international fashion icon Victoria Beckham and multi-platinum 17-time Grammy winner Beyonce? She doesn’t compare to anyone on that list whatsoever.

April is Autism awareness month. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to let someone like Holly Robinson Peete or Oscar winner Kate Winslet grace the cover instead? Both of them have made great strides in the autistic community & are also known for their stylish dress. Really, anyone else but Kim would’ve made a better cover choice!

So how did Kim get the cover of Vogue? Most people seem to attribute it to her boyfriend, 21-time Grammy award winner Kanye West. He was seen cajoling the Editor-in-Chief, Anne Wintour, for the coveted spot almost a year ago at which time she was less than enthused about putting about Kim Kardashian on the cover of her magazine. According to close sources, it’s pretty well-known that Anna Wintour is NO fan of Kim or any reality star appearing in the pages of the magazine. But she claims that simply isn’t the case. West has said publicly many times that he thinks his girlfriend belongs on the cover of Vogue. He’s even gone so far as saying “No one is looking at what Obama is wearing.”  “Kim is like the most intriguing woman right now. … and collectively, we’re the most influential in clothing.” Why would he say something that crazy?! Not only did he disrespect our First Lady, but he made it sound as if Kim Kardashian has an intimate knowledge of fashion, textiles or even class for that matter!  I guess some women really can sleep their way to the top.

Let’s take a look at some of the reactions from some (now former) Vogue readers:

I cancelled my subscription!” – Michelle A. Morgan

RIP Vogue” – Chris Black

I am loving the big backlash aimed at Anna Wintour for putting Kim Kardashian on the Vogue cover. The issue should come with a barf bag.” – Nikki Finke

Hope the happy couple coughed up a lot of dough to Vogue for the “honor” ’cause I suspect Vogue sales will be at an all-time low very soon, to match their all-time low cover choice.” – nonparieldolls

 “Isn’t it funny how Kanye ended up with the exact same kind of woman he sings about in his song Goldigger? Ironic. These two are hideous!” – Pbj

 “I’m really torn. Am I supposed to admire a woman that is only famous for a sex tape, had a marriage last just over 70 days, got pregnant from another guy before her marriage was dissolved, slept with half the NFL and got engaged to a guy who’s inflated ego could block enough sun to reverse global warming? Or should I applaud Vogue for reminding us that no amount of money will ever buy class?” – Smedley N

“Dear #Vogue there is a difference between controversial and classless. Learn it!” –The Fashion Law

So readers now it’s your turn, let Vogue know what you really think. Use the Twitter hashtag  #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple with your comments. You know I already have!


Here is their other contact info –

Mail: Customer Service, c/o Conde Nast, 4 Times Square, New York, NY 10036
Twitter: http://twitter.com/voguemagazine
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vogue
Customer Service: http://www.vogue.com/contact/

Am I Too Old To Make A Sex Tape?

Everyone knows by now that Kim Kardashian is making plans to marry her boyfriend music legend Kanye West later this year, after a 2-year long courtship and a young daughter named North West. At the age of 33, Kim Kardashian has risen to fame after only a few short years and is now estimated to be worth $40 million.

I can’t believe that her fame and fortune all came from a sex tape that was “accidentally” leaked online. Wow! How come something like that couldn’t happen to me? Of course I’m joking but, seriously, how can someone get famous for filming their sexual life, build an entire empire from it and come out on top with a 15-carat engagement ring?


Let’s take a look at Kim’s portfolio: She has a clothing line, a jewelry line, several fragrances, and her own reality TV show. She co-founded ShoeDazzle.com (a website where you can purchase shoes that are hand-selected for you based on your personal style), has over 19 million followers on Twitter, 12 million followers on Instagram and has graced the cover of numerous magazines. She even made an appearance on Dancing With The Stars in 2008. This woman has done practically everything, from starting her own businesses to starting a family.

All this is great but let’s remember how Kim got her start. Kim Kardashian is the daughter of famed O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian. In 2000, at the age of 20 she got married to music producer Damon Thomas only to divorce in 2004. During this time, Kardashian became close friends with socialite Paris Hilton, garnering lots of media attention.

kim 1paris and kim

In 2006, Kim was spotted out & about with Nick Lachey, the ex-husband of singer Jessica Simpson.

kim 14

In 2007, Kim’s career really took off. A sex tape was leaked showing both her & singer Ray J’s sexcapades from several years prior. Kim started dating NFL New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush and also posed for Playboy magazine. The Kardashian family also began filming their reality TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians

kim 8kim 9





Kim Playboy

keeping up







In 2011, Kim married NBA Boston Celtics player Kris Humphries for all of 72 days. This was in the news for such a long time because the divorce proceedings took longer than the entire marriage.

kim 11

A year later Kim began dating 21-time Grammy Award winner, Kanye West. In 2013, Kim gave birth to their first daughter and got engaged to Kanye.

Grand Opening of RYU Restaurant - Inside

Kim has been romantically linked to many other men, more athletes, other musical artists & even her own bodyguard but can you believe all of this started from a simple sex tape?

The problem I have with this is that she is setting a bad example for women everywhere. And it’s not just because of the sex tape. It’s the whole picture that doesn’t look good.

Yes, Kim got famous because of the sex tape (which may or may not have been leaked on purpose), but she also posed provocatively for Playboy and other magazines (which was nearly every other month early on in her career).  Kim was featured nude (or nearly nude) so many times that even her stepfather, Bruce Jenner, expressed frustration at her being featured naked (or nearly naked) so much and expressed his concerns that she was going to be known for just one thing in one of the first seasons of their reality TV show. Bruce went on to say he promised Kim’s deceased father a whole lot better than that. Of course he was dismissed by Kim (and her mother Kris) but if her own stepfather said it’s a bit too much, then that ought to tell you something.

Kim is preparing for her 3rd marriage. Third marriage & she’s not even 35 yet! That IS NOT “normal” by any stretch of the imagination. Add to that how many times Kim was stressing that she wouldn’t mind giving birth to Kanye’s baby while she was still married to hubby #2, Kris Humphries.  That is NOT a good look.

Also Kim’s current fiancé, Kanye, tweets about “I just f*^%ed Kim SOOOO hard”, which is a sign that he doesn’t have much respect for her either, so what should the rest of the world think about her? There are also photos of Kanye grabbing Kim’s buttocks in an inappropriate manner out in public, not to mention her boobs and butt hanging out in her selfies all over social media.

Let’s face it:  Kim’s questionable reputation didn’t come from nowhere. If you add all these things up, anyone can see that while she may be rich, she is no saint.

Sure there are other stars that may move from guy to guy, like Taylor Swift. There are even other stars that have had sex tapes leaked before (Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears & Pamela Anderson). But these women also keep their clothes on in public.  Their men don’t tweet foolishness or grab on them out in public. Their selfies don’t have their behind hanging out for the world to see and they keep sexual matters to themselves. THAT shows maturity & discretion.

Kim got famous for letting the world watch her have sex & has reaped financially ever since. It’s unfortunate that so many other women do the same thing but they are considered to be just another whore. So to answer my own question, yes, I guess I am too old to make a sex tape even if it means making money.

kim 6