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I Just Became A Member Of The Peanut Gallery


I just attended a black tie event that was an awards dinner with over 500 people in attendance. There were several honorees and plenty of speeches to go along with the awards. The table that I was assigned to happened to be in the rear corner of the room so I was able to see just about any & everything in the entire ballroom.

I sat next to a friend, who happened to be an older woman, and she and I spent the entire evening talking about the menu that was served, what people had on, how boring the speeches were and which table had the best looking people (lol). It was fun at the time but once I left it dawned on me: By sitting in the back where no one was paying attention to me & talking about a lot of nonsense, I became a member of the “peanut gallery”.

For those of you who don’t know what a peanut gallery is, it’s a colloquialism for a person or people who give unsolicited advice. When you’re younger and talk about people, it’s more or less considered gossip. It’s normal for teenagers to talk about the latest music, celebrities, fashion, trends, etc. but as you get older you learn to tame your tongue and not to discuss such trivial things especially in a public setting. If you do, you are then part of the “peanut gallery”.

I’m sure we annoyed the people around us but fortunately no one said anything. We had some good laughs and entertained ourselves throughout the entire four hour dinner. I probably should’ve been paying more attention to the awards banquet but I must admit, I rather enjoyed being a part of the peanut gallery as it kept me more entertained than anything else.

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