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Don’t Call Me Skinny Unless It’s Okay To Call You Fat

Growing up I was always called “skinny” or “bony” and HATED hearing those words. These words made it sound like I was sickly. Of course little kids didn’t know that those words were mean but there was nothing wrong with me. I just had really fast metabolism even though I ate everything in sight. Most people think that calling someone skinny is a compliment, but they’re wrong. Maybe if you’ve just lost 100 pounds and you’re proudly showing off your new figure but if you’re naturally thin like me, it’s not.

Why don’t I like to hear that dreaded “S-word”? Well, for one it makes me sound like I’m borderline anorexic. Just like my height, I can’t do anything about my metabolism so don’t talk about it.

I also hate having to justify going to the gym. Is going to the gym only reserved for people who are overweight? Exercising has tons of other benefits aside from losing weight.

Another thing is that people assume that I don’t eat a lot.  That’s so not true. I do eat! Trust me, don’t let the slender frame fool you – I eat.

Also, it’s hard for me to talk to others about my weight because most people aren’t happy about their own weight.  What am I supposed to say when a group of women are complaining about their size then act like I can’t be a part of the conversation because I’m “skinny”?  I can try to be compassionate but my opinion is invalid since I’m the “skinny” girl, so anything I say would just seem condescending.  So although I am a part of the conversation, I can’t really contribute.  If you’re not happy with your weight, fine, but just leave me out of it.

Now if I were fat, commenting on my weight would not be appropriate, right? If I
was fat, obese, overweight (or whatever you want to call it) and someone said anything about my weight that would be considered rude.

Here are some “skinny” comments that I wish I could reverse (hypothetically):

Them: You’re skinny

Me: You’re fat

Them: You’re so skinny, you can eat anything!

Me: You’re so fat; you shouldn’t be eating much of anything!

Me: I’m heading to the gym.

Them: Why? You’re skinny. You don’t need to work out

Me: Yeah, well you should probably come with me

Them: You’re so skinny, you can wear anything!

Me: You’re so fat; there are a lot of things you shouldn’t wear!

There is NOTHING wrong with being slim, slender or thin. Unless fat people want me to comment on their (over)weight, I suggest they leave their comments about my weight to themselves.


I Love Seeing Old People At The Gym. It Gives Me Hope

I often write about the “good times” I have at the gym. =) Well, now it’s time for some more observations from my week at the gym:

  • Men, don’t adjust yourself in public please – This definitely merits a separate post (which I will write one day), but I think it’s gross! I understand that moving around a lot while working out may constitute an “adjustment” but at least go to the restroom, turn away from the crowd or wait until you’re in private. How often do you see a woman digging around in her sports bra to move “things” around?
  • No peeking – No one should be allowed to peek over at my machine to check my speed or see what level of incline I’m on. What I’m doing when I work out is my business and my business only. So what if I’m on the treadmill on a level 1 incline for 30 minutes? I may not be going very fast, but that might be the most that I’m able to do.  Some people don’t even get that much exercise in a whole week. All I’m saying is – keep your eyes on your own machine., thank you very much.
  • Farting in public – Some people just can’t hold it in, can they? All that grunting on the machines can really move the gas around in your stomach but constant offenders shouldn’t be allowed back. It’s already sweaty in the gym. Don’t funk it up any more than it already is.
  • No Talking Zone – I understand a lot of people think that the gym is a good place to meet people (which it is) but it’s all about timing. If I’m on a machine gettin’ my sweat on then it is not a good time to try to holla at me. But if I’m walking around, standing in front of the fan or getting a smoothie then that would be the best time to come up to me.
  • Thank goodness for football season! – I know the gym will be much emptier on Monday evenings now. Yeah!!


Why Am I Sucking In My Stomach At The Gym?

By now, you all know that I see some crazy things when I’m at the gym. Here are my sightings from this week:

  • Why is there a couch at the gym? – In the waiting area of my gym there is a black leather couch where I’ll see people sitting from time to time. It’s right next to the area where the sales reps sit but I have no idea why it’s there. Is the couch for people who are waiting for their personal training appointment or are they weary from a heavy workout? Whatever the case may be, I think it’s a bad incentive to have plush leather seating in the waiting area of a gym
  • There should be a fast food restaurant connected to the gym – Think of Wal-Mart. They have a McDonald’s connected to most of their stores, so why can’t the gym? I understand it’s all about getting fit and losing weight but what’s wrong with a little reward when you’re done? Or better yet, pig out before you hit the gym so you’ll be even more motivated to work out harder
  • I hate when men walk around with a puffed out chest – Most guys are just not that buff so why do these men act like they’ve been bench pressing 400 pounds? It’s like me sucking in my stomach while I walk around. It’s a gym folks & we’re all fat!
  • Please wear appropriate gym attire – Why do people show up at the gym wearing street clothing? Everyone knows what to wear to the gym and gym clothes are not expensive at all. Say no to the cargo shorts & respect the house of fitness.
  • Is it just me or does yoga seem like something you can do at home? – Yoga is very much an individual sport, like track or swimming. It’s not like the other people in the class are there to motivate you, or like we’re all suddenly going to get hype together.  I don’t see the point of going to a class where I sit down & stretch for an hour. I can lay a mat out & practice my breathing in the comfort of my own living room


Ladies, Do You Think Dressing Cute Will Give You A Better Workout At The Gym?

From time to time, I like to write about the things I see in the gym. One of my latest pieces was “Why Waste My Deodorant? I’m Just Going To The Gym”.

But this week, I wanted to write about the women I’ve noticed at the gym & how ridiculous some of them look:

  • Wearing makeup to the gym – Why do women wear makeup at the gym knowing that they’re just going to get sweaty. I understand women who are coming from work who are already have makeup on but what about those who put it on just to go workout? There is no reason why anyone should be wearing makeup first thing on a Saturday morning at the gym. It’s actually more harmful for a woman’s skin because her pores can get clogged up. Plus, if you’re trying to attract a man at the gym he’s going to be more interested in your body than your face
  • Women who coordinate their gym clothes – If you think that matching your tennis shoes to your sports bra is going to help you lose weight, you’re lying to yourself. It’s nice to look the part but women shouldn’t waste their money on fancy workout clothes. Remember, you’re just sweating not entering a beauty pageant
  • Texting while on the treadmill – Why do I see women texting instead of running? Why is your phone even with you on the treadmill? What’s the point of bringing your phone into the gym anyway? You know you can’t focus while you’re on the phone. Unless you’re expecting some type of emergency phone call all cell phones should be left in a locker.
  • If you are bigger than a “D” cup, you need extra support for your breasts – A simple sports bra doesn’t cut it for everybody. We don’t need you distracting other people, or knocking your eye out (lol). So if this applies to you, I hope you know who you are
  • You shouldn’t time your workout based on how many TV shows you get to watch on the elliptical machine – It is nice to put in the earbuds & tune out the world but using a sitcom as a timer isn’t the best idea. You can’t get a good workout if you’re laughing while trying to run on a treadmill. Also, you can totally forget to track your progress if you get too caught up in watching a television show


Why Are You Wearing Cologne To The Gym?

From time to time I like to write about my experiences at the gym. I try to work out about 4-5 days a week so something comes up almost every day. Here are my gym randoms for the week:

  • Men stop wearing cologne to the gym – Spraying an expensive fragrance (or even a cheap one) will never mask the odor of pure funk. Everybody at the gym smells & if you’re working out hard enough you will too.
  • Chest hairs are not sexy – If you have a lot of chest hair or hairy arms please cover that up. Nobody wants to see all that. Leave something to the imagination, guys! T-shirts are sold everywhere so there is no excuse.
  • There should be a minimum amount of weight that a man has to lift at the gym– A man should be able to lift more weight than I can. So if I leave a machine with, let’s say 25 pound weights, then a guy shouldn’t be able to sit at that machine & use the same amount of weight. He should have to automatically increase those weights by at least 50%. After all, aren’t men supposed to be stronger than women?!
  • I’ve said this before, but big arms & a big gut don’t go together – Talk about irony, why not work out so that your body looks ripped all over? It makes no sense to be strong enough to pick me up but your stomach is so big I can’t even hug you all the way. Ha!


Two Places That Should Always Be Crowded But Never Are – The Gym & The Library

Within the past year I have added two more membership cards to my wallet – a library card & a gym card. I’ve never been one to work out regularly because 1) I could never find the time and 2) I figured working out was something reserved for women who want to lose their pregnancy weight (lol!). The only time to work out is either before work – and who wants to get up extra early for something they didn’t want to do in the first place? – or after work, right when I’m tired, worn out & ready to eat dinner. But now that I’m in my thirties I have to start paying attention to my energy level and my overall health.

I really never saw the need for a library card until I got active in a book club. That’s when my love for reading was reawakened. Once I was issued my first library card as an adult, I haven’t stop discovering new things about my local library. There so much to do, so much to see! Not just for me, but for children and seniors alike. This country’s reading level is somewhere between 8th – 9th grade. And although there are over 120,000 libraries nationally nearly 60% of them have reported a decrease in funding in the last year. It’s unfortunate that people don’t support their local library. What I especially love about the library is that it’s free! Other than checking out books here are some of the other resources that the library offers:

  • Tutoring – Many libraries offer free tutoring sessions or reading labs for school aged children
  • Movies – There are free DVD’s that you can rent including recent releases (they even have VHS tapes, if you’re interested)
  • Computers – All computer usage is free
  • Performances – Everything from spelling bees to live readings
  • Book sales – Want to buy a book you enjoyed? Libraries always sell books for next to nothing

I’ve started going to the gym lately because I want to stay in shape the older I get (and let’s not forget summer is here). We also know that this country is facing serious health risks so I’m trying to keep fit to avoid unnecessary ailments.

  • Obesity = 1/3 of this country is obese
  • Gym memberships only cost = $55/mo.
  • There are about gym chains are there nationally = about 4,000 chain gyms nationally (like Crunch, Bally’s 24-Hr, YMCA, Gold’s, etc) but over 20,000 gyms total
  • Only about 15% of people possess gym memberships nationwide, but only 30% of them actively go to the gym  (according to the New York Times)

And there are many things to do at the gym, including:

  • One place I don’t have to dress up or wear makeup
  • Watching TV – Most of the cardio equipment have televisions
  • Classes of all kind – Gyms offers classes from A-Z! Literally, everything from Aerobics to Zumba
  • Personal trainer  – Although I haven’t invested in one yet I’d like to think of PT’s as catered work outs
  • Eat healthy – A lot gyms sell smoothies, shakes or wellness snacks
  • Gym memberships are not expensive & give you a good return on your investment

So go & sign up today!

Why Waste My Deodorant? I’m Just Going To The Gym…

I try to work out at least 3-4 days a week. Some days I’ll go to the gym & some days I’ll ride my bike or take a run around my neighborhood. Well, I don’t actually run, it’s more like a light jog, but you know what I mean. I really like going to the gym because of all the classes that they offer. It’s already hard enough for me to get up early to exercise, so taking a class with other people who also don’t really want to be there makes working out a lot easier. I love cardio classes – anything from Piloxing to Zumba – because they are so much fun!

No matter how much fun I have in these classes I do have a few gripes with going to the gym –

  • The gym instructor shouldn’t be huffin’ & puffin’ half way thru her own class. Especially if it’s her first class of the day (6am bootcamp). Geez!
  • There are a lot of people in my cardio class that don’t have any rhythm whatsoever. The fact that they are off beat throws me off. So no offense white folks, but if you want to be in the front of the class then you have to stay on beat. (Lol!)
  • I can’t stand seeing men with big muscular arms & a big gut. Talk about irony, why not work out so that your body looks ripped all over? It makes no sense to be strong enough to pick me up but your stomach is so big I can’t even hug you all the way. Ha!