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Things That Make My Teeth Itch – Aauugghh!!!

There are a few random things that are going through my mind right now. Again, these things are very random but I still thought I’d share:

  • From time to time I do a random phone sweep where I clean out phone #’s that I haven’t called in a while. I hate it when someone calls me out of the blue after I’ve just deleted their number
  • Don’t be mad at me if I can’t tell whether your baby is a boy or a girl. The sex of your baby might be obvious to you but not to other people. If your baby has on blue, I’m going to guess it’s a boy every time.
  • I hate it when I only have 2 or 3 items in my shopping cart but the person in front of me with a  full cart of groceries won’t let me go ahead of them
  • I hate it when I try to return something only to realize that I just missed the deadline per the store’s return policy
  • You’d think that because football season is over there would be more men grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons
  • I hate that cell phones are getting more expensive but the battery life keeps getting shorter & shorter
  • I hate that I have to check my drive thru order before I drive off because of 1 time a McDonald’s cashier forget to give me my fries and I didn’t notice until after I drove off
  • I hate it when people walk in the middle of the parking lot knowing that they hear my car engine right behind them trying to drive past them
  • Even though I get tired sometimes, I hate that I can’t take a nap in the middle of a Sunday afternoon because it will through off my sleep pattern for the rest of night
  • I hate putting on pantyhose for church & getting a run in them before I even get to the church
  • I hate offering people mints for their bad breath & they decline
  • It’s only when I need to wear a certain pair of shoes, I realize that they either need to be polished or need a heel replaced so I can’t wear them after all & it screws up my whole outfit



You Can Tell A Single Man A Mile Away

I’ve become more cognizant of some of the characteristics that single men seem to share. A man who is not in a serious relationship or married is obvious to spot. Here’s what I’ve noticed –

Single men groom a little differently: Similar to single women taking care of their hair, single men always keep theirs cut or nicely shaved. But what about their other hairs? (Don’t think dirty ya’ll!) I’ve met a lot of single young men who have unusually long nose hairs. Why is this? Don’t single men ever look at themselves in the mirror from the side to check out their nostrils? Long nose hairs are such a turn off! Married women don’t let their husbands leave the house without checking these things.

I can tell a single man by the food he eats: All you have to do is look in a man’s grocery cart to tell whether or not he’s cooking for two, let alone if he’s married. Men cooking for two have more food in their cart (and invariably more exotic foods) whereas married men don’t seem to buy very exciting foods. But it goes beyond the grocery store. When eating out single men tend to order differently (and usually less healthy).

Single men dress differently: Single men dress to impress. They may be a little bit flashier but they do take more pride in their appearance.

Single men don’t really attend church: Most Black churches are full of women and fewer men. Occasionally I’ll see some single men at church (which is always a good thing) but most men are married and are probably dragged to church by their wife or significant other.

Men, are single women so easy to spot?