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Do I Pass The “Pretty Feet” Test?

This weekend I went to a wedding and at the reception the discussion at my table turned to women’s feet. Everyone at the table started talking about how important it was that women maintain pretty feet because men (even those without foot fetishes) like to look at a woman’s feet.

My question to the men at the table was this – “What is so important about women’s feet? Why do men care how pretty or how well-kept they are?” This sparked a lot of conversation (I tend to do that sometimes) about how important it is for women, as well as men to keep their appearance up. That’s all well & good but why the feet? I mean of all the body parts to focus on, why on earth are the feet so important to men (especially if you aren’t planning on rubbing them)?

Well the response I got was that because men are visual they like to look at a woman’s total package which includes her feet, of course. Men want to appreciate a woman’s beauty from head to toe but if her feet are ugly or unkempt then it can be a big turn off. No man wants to see bunions, callouses or corns on the feet of an otherwise attractive woman. I can understand that because I might be turned off if I saw a good looking man with an ugly scar somewhere on his body.

But I still don’t see the big deal about what my feet should look like. I mean a man really shouldn’t be looking down at them anyway when he’s talking to me, he should be looking me in the eyes. Outside of staring down at my feet when talking to me, I just don’t think it’s fair for a man to judge me based on the status of how I maintain my feet. Anyone who has gotten a corn on their toes knows that those things do not go away!

Corns stay with you for life! Contrary to what anyone says, there isn’t a Dr. Scholl’s product out there that will remove all traces of corns on your feet. A woman (or man for that matter) can develop corns on their feet from wearing ill-fitting shoes. So if a young woman wears cute shoes all the time that don’t quite fit properly (think of those club days from your youth), she could possibly develop corns that will last her the rest of her life. Now, why should that woman’s feet be held accountable for something she did when she was younger? Not to mention, getting rid of callouses is a lot of work & removing bunions sometimes takes surgery. That’s a whole lot of maintenance & expense just for a pair of feet!

Men, all I have to say is that if you want me to keep my feet looking “pretty” for you then you should make sure that your feet look “pretty” for me.