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“Rona” Life Hack #6

It’s tough to exercise when you’re supposed to be indoors all the time. Even without all the fancy exercise equipment, fun classes and instructors yelling at you, it’s still possible to get a good workout in. Just a grab a towel & do some stretches on the living room floor. Go to Instagram or YouTube and find your new favorite workout “coach” & get busy!

There’s cardio, anaerobic exercises, stretching, yoga, jump rope even pushups & pull ups. You can do crunches, planking and more stretching! I admit, the first week of being shut-in, I didn’t get much of a workout in. I ate & ate, but it wasn’t until this past weekend I decided to get out and do a little at-home conditioning. It’s amazing how much you can do for free in the comfort of your own home.

So if you can’t get out to exercise, then get up & get moving!


#FitnessFriday: PowerHouse Sports Academy

PowerHouse Sports Academy is a Fitness Company established on January 31,2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. In their short existence, they have been extremely successful in changing the lives of many by the way of fitness and proper nutrition. Because of their success they have been able to expand to three locations throughout the Atlanta, GA area (Tucker, Midtown, and Decatur). Regardless of the fitness goals that any client has required of the PowerHouse Trainers they have been successful in helping clients reach and succeed their fitness goals promoting a healthier lifestyle for many and also upcoming generations. We will love for you to join us and our family as we continue to strive to not only change lives in Atlanta, Georgia but lives across the world.

How Bad Does Your Sweat Smell?!

Have you noticed that the gym always smells like testosterone, sweat and old rusted metal? Mine certainly does. I wonder why there aren’t Glade plug-ins in every electrical socket or automatic Febreze spritzes throughout the gym. Lysol would go a long way around a bunch of sweaty people.

Along with having a better-smelling gym, it would be great if there were a lot of other improvements at the gym, such as –


Cologne that smells good at the gym – Every fragrance doesn’t go good with sweat. If you’ve been wearing perfume or cologne all day long & then go work out, your body chemistry may be a little “off” at the gym. No one expects you to actually smell good while they are working out, but it would be nice if there was a cologne that actually smelled better with sweat, not worse.


Wearing white – Ladies, white is not your friend at the gym. All that sweat will drench your top exposing everything. And for that matter, men, if you have a lot of body hair, a wet white t-shirt won’t do you any favors either. You’re liable to look like a wet bathmat by the time you finish your workout!

gym white tshirt

Fanny packs – I will allow fanny packs at the gym. Normally, I think they’re ridiculous-looking out in public, however, I understand the utility of having one around your waist while you work out. If you’re like me & don’t use a locker at the gym, fanny packs can be good to hold your keys, chap stick, cell phone & even bottled water. It’ll never get in the way of you bench pressing or doing squats. Not to mention, you won’t lose it or ever have to place it on the floor.


No cussing zone – The gym should be a ‘cuss free’ zone. No one should have to be offended by foul language while they are getting their “fitness on”. Really, there should be no talking at the gym – only grunts and counting reps. I understand that using cuss words is second nature for some but for others the gym is their sanctuary. Who cusses in a sanctuary?!

No cussing

Wipe down your machine – Each machine should beep if it’s not wiped down after every use. Too many germs can accumulate on the handles & knobs of each piece of equipment. Everyone is already sweaty and sweat & dirt just don’t mix. At the end of the day, it’s all about common courtesy. So please exercise some courtesy and wipe down the common equipment. Thanks!

wipe down

What are your thoughts? Anything that your gym is missing? Share in the comments below –

Stop Thinking of Skinny-Shaming as ‘Reverse Discrimination’

I have a very complicated relationship with the concept of skinny-shaming.

I’m a body image activist who attempts to work in solidarity with the fat acceptance movement, an eating disorder survivor who still harbors body and food issues, and a person of average size who talks openly about thin privilege.

Of course I have a complicated relationship with skinny-shaming.

But something that I see coming up a lot is the idea that skinny-shaming (making rude or snide remarks about thin bodies) is “reverse discrimination.”

Some say that if we want to curb body-hate, we can’t participate in body-hate.

That, I’m into.

But then there are the people who say that “skinny-shaming is the same as fat-shaming” – which simply isn’t true.

And because on the surface, that comparison seems to hold water, I think we need to examine it a little more closely to see why – when using an intersectional, anti-oppression lensit’s a false equivalence.

1. Yes, Skinny-Shaming Sucks

I want to be honest about the fact that the concept of “thin-shaming” or “skinny-shaming” is a difficult one to talk about. People who have experienced the pain of being made to feel ashamed of their bodies want to be validated and acknowledged for that – and they should be.

No one should feel like their body isn’t “good enough.”

(Side note: Your body is good enough.)

And while there are problems with the body-positive movement, something that it tries to stand for is assuring people that all bodies are deserving of love and care.

If we want to be body-positive, then we need celebrate all bodies and understand that all people are made to feel like shit about their appearance. That’s simply how capitalism (a la the fashion and dieting industries) works.

I would never argue that skinny-shaming is any shade of acceptable.

It isn’t.

Not only is it plain mean, but as social justice activists, we also should be clear that body-shaming is a tool of oppression.

Here, I talk about how because skinny-shaming is rooted in sexism – that regardless of our body types, society polices them because patriarchal structures benefit from the creation of this insecurity – it is, indeed, on one level, oppressive.

Keeping women focused heavily on their appearances has been, in the words of Naomi Wolf, “the most potent political sedative in women’s history.”

And when we body-shame anyone, we’re contributing to that violence.

But I also want to make the point that it’s necessary to take an intersectional approach to feminist thought, including in discussions of body shame.

And that is where the differences between skinny- and fat-shaming come to light.

2. Intersectionality Matters

Let’s talk about the concept of “good hair.”

If you’ve never heard of this (or have never seen Chris Rock’s documentary), it’s essentially an idea within communities of color (especially among Black women) that the closer one’s hair is to European texture (that is, straight and smooth), the “better” it is.

Clearly, we can see how this is sexist: Telling women that their hair needs to look a certain way in order to be beautiful – and that they need to spend an inordinate amount of time and money on it to make it do something that it isn’t naturally inclined to do – is a problem.

But if we want to deconstruct and examine this beauty standard, we need to address that it’s Eurocentric in nature – that it places European (read: white) features as the ideal.

It’s not just sexist. It’s also racist.

And that intersection matters.

Now, that doesn’t mean that only women of color have hair issues.

I grew up a curly girl in the 1990s when straight-straight hair reigned supreme. And I still remember my disappointment when, at twelve, I asked my stylist to please give me, as I pointed in a magazine to The Rachel, “this cut,” and was told, “There is no way your hair is ever going to look like that.”


That was the first time that I understood that my hair wasn’t “perfect” – that there were standards that I would never live up to. That hurt.

But while that early instance of sexist beauty standards hurt me, I didn’t experience racism on top of it.

That one stylist broke my heart. That one shattered dream of never looking like Jennifer Aniston sucked. That one haircut was a disappointment.

But the rest of the world as a whole didn’t shun me because of my hair.

Fat- and skinny-shaming kind of work in the same way.

When we talk about the difference between skinny- and fat-shaming, the difference is that while skinny-shaming may be tied to sexism, fat-shaming exists at the intersection of sexism and fatphobia.

Take, for instance, if I was at the beach with a fat counterpart, and we were both eating ice cream.

I might be calculating calories. I might be thinking that I should’ve gotten the frozen yogurt instead. I might be having a terrible body image day and feeling awful about myself.

But no one on the beach is even giving me a second look.

My fat friend, though? People might be passing her, looking disgusted. They might be giving her unsolicited diet advice. They might even openly comment on what she’s eating.

The sexist standard plaguing my mind are awful – but the rest of the world isn’t shunning me because of my body.

The intersection of fatphobia and sexism matters, and we can’t discuss the problem of fat-shaming without acknowledging that fatphobia adds an additional layer of oppression.

3. Power and Privilege Play a Role

When we talk about fatphobia, we’re talking about the idea that we live in a thin-centric world that demonizes fat bodies, that the very structures that hold up our society prioritize the comfort and safety of thin bodies.

This is what that looks like:

As I’ve discussed before, I’ve never been asked to pay more for a seat on an airplane – because the seats were designed with my body type in mind.

I’ve never experienced a doctor dismissing my health concerns by telling me that if I just “lose weight,” all of my problems will be solved – because the institution of Western Medicine doesn’t look at my body inherently as a problem that needs to be fixed.

I can walk into a clothing store and (most likely) find items in my size – because I’m considered “standard.”

Fat folk? They don’t have the same experiences that I do – because fatphobia (which dictates the fear, disgust, and hatred that the public feels toward fat bodies) exists.

This reminds me of the thousands of conversations I’ve had to have in my life with people who swear that “reverse racism” is a thing – that stereotyping, prejudice, or discrimination of white people is “racist.”

It’s not.

It’s not okay, but it isn’t oppressive. You can’t oppress the people who have social power. That’s not how it works.

Similarly, the reason why skinny-shaming doesn’t exist as equally oppressive as fat-shaming is because there is no additional power behind it.

It’s important to understand that even if individuals shame you, love and appreciation for you is still woven into the fabric of our society.

Denouncing fat women is just reinforcing the same intersection of oppressive structures that people of size deal with day in and day out – and there is no escape from that.

4. It Can Be Used as a Tool Against Oppressive Structures

White devil. Cis scum. Breeders.

Often, as social justice activists, we use general statements against oppressive groups in order to call into question their power.

And while we have have an entire discussion – or, hey, another article written – about whether or not these pejoratives advance our movements or benefit disenfranchised groups, what I want to focus on here is this: These generalizations are often used by marginalized groups to combat the oppressive structures that they represent.

That is, they don’t actually exist to demonize the individuals in those privileged groups.

For example: White men hold social, economic, and political power. Women of color do not.

If I’m making a generalization about “white men,” I’m not talking about each and every individual white man; I’m talking about the social power that is bestowed upon white men as a group that gives them a sense of entitlement.

But because women of color are disenfranchised, when you generalize them, you actually are affecting each and every individual woman of color – because you’re participating in their marginalization, both as a group and as individuals.

The former attacks undeserved social capital and therefore has little effect on the group; the latter, however, is directly attacking a disempowered group and therefore has real consequences.

Take the phrase “skinny bitches,” for example (which is misogynistic and we could deconstruct all day, but don’t have time for in this already-too-long article). There are many reasons to rail against the phrase itself, but I want to talk specifically about its (lack of) impact.

As I’ve said before, as part of the group that the phrase “skinny bitches” is targeting, I don’t like it. It doesn’t make me feel good.

But those hurt or uncomfortable feelings don’t affect my day-to-day life on a broader level — and it isn’t because I’m magically immune to body-shaming (oh, I wish!).

The reason why a phrase like that doesn’t bother me is because it actually isn’t about me — just like the phrase “cis scum” isn’t. Rather, both of these examples are aimed at the structures (thin and cis privilege, respectively) that give me undue, unfair social capital.

When used as a generalization (rather than a direct attack), skinny-shaming can sometimes be a way to take a stand against the structure of thin privilege.

And while that still doesn’t necessarily feel good, I’m all about calling out oppressive structures.

5. Sometimes What You Call ‘Skinny-Shaming’ Isn’t Skinny-Shaming

Let’s discuss the difference between equality and justice.

When we talk about valuing “equality,” generally what we’re saying is that we want everyone in society to be treated the same – namely, well.

And that’s great.

But there’s no magic wand – no, not even feminism – that’s going to make that happen overnight. Working toward a more egalitarian society is a process.

And the process of administering this equality – in doing the hard work and consciousness raising that hopefully will make equality a reality someday – is the pursuit of justice.

And sometimes, justice looks unfair.

Sometimes it looks like people are getting special treatment. But because they wouldn’t need that special treatment if equality existed, what it really is, is a leveling out of the playing field.

Take Meghan Trainor’s summer jam “All About That Bass” as an example (putting aside the arguments that it’s anti-feminist in its approach just for the sake of this article, although it’s disconcerting).

I’ve heard people saying that while they’re glad that the song celebrates bodies that “ain’t no size two,” the fact that the lyrics center around “bringing booty back” are problematic – just because they don’t address the “All Bodies Are Beautiful” mantra.

The argument is that anything that purports fat bodies as worthy of love are inherently skinny-shaming because they don’t include skinny women or because they posit thick bodies as somehow “better than” thin ones.

But here’s the thing: Because disenfranchised groups – in this case, I’m talking about groups who have systematically been left out of consideration in the definition of “beauty” – need to be empowered and lifted up to even get to the level that privileged people are.

That’s like if someone uses the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and someone responds with “All lives matter!”

No shit.

Of course all lives matter. Of course all bodies are deserving of love and praise.

But only some lives – and only some bodies – are given that privilege as a birthright. Everyone else has to be louder in order to get even close to that status.

If we were all equal – if all bodies experienced body-shaming (and even body appreciation!) in the same way – then the argument would hold water. But we’re not, so we don’t, so it doesn’t.

Something can be body-positive and at the same time, leave thin bodies out of the conversation. Because eradicating oppression sometimes means decentering the conversation from around the oppressor.

If we want to work together in a movement to end body-shaming, we all need to be on board with the idea that no one should ever be made to feel bad about their bodies.

But I also think that if we want to stand in solidarity with fat acceptance, we need to critically analyze the ways in which skinny- and fat-shaming differ.

Because if we’re not prepared to do that hard thinking and work through our own privileges, then we’re not doing the movement any favors either.

Fat Thin Women

*Originally published on Everday Feminism.

Excuses Don’t Burn Cardio!

Well folks, it’s that time of year when everyone is renewing their virtually unused gym memberships and trying to burn off those holiday calories. And in true ‘Chocolate Vent’ fashion, I’d like to share some of my observances from the gym as we usher in a whole new year!:

No dates at the gym – Guys, please don’t bring your girlfriend to the gym with you unless she is serious about working out. I have seen too many couples come in, holding hands, chit chatting & not getting any exercise. The girlfriend is usually taking up precious space in the workout area not mention the equipment that she’s “fake using”. I get the whole ‘quality time’ argument but the gym is really not the time or the place to date. Why not split up, get your workout on individually & then reunite when it’s time to leave? Unless you’re taking a fitness class together is there really a need to be side-by-side on every single piece of equipment? I saw one girl talking her boyfriend’s ear off while he was trying to lift some major weight. He couldn’t concentrate & she sure wasn’t much of a spotter with all of the weight he was attempting to lift. So why was she even there? It’s funny because when they left, he was sweaty & tired and she looked just as fresh as when they first came in. The moral of the story is: Don’t bring your girlfriend to workout with you unless she is there to, I don’t know, actually workout!

gf at the gym

All personal trainers should be required to put their pictures on their business cards – I need to see what my potential PT actually looks like and I’m not talking about just a headshot either. I need to see the full physique – arms, chest, legs & all. Otherwise, how are you going to convince me that I should hire you when all I can see is your smile & the shape of your head?! Sell me! Prove that you have the discipline to get me where I need to be. The best way to do this is to have a muscly picture of yourself on your own business card. After all, 1st impressions are everything so impress me with that hot body!

fat trainer

Cover up that booty! – Ladies, please wear appropriate clothing to the gym. All women should wear t-shirts that at least cover their behinds. Ladies, just because you are at the gym to work on your booty, doesn’t mean EVERYONE wants to look at it. Please, save some of that showing off for when you leave the gym. Thanks!

cover your butt

Ring an alarm for people who don’t wipe down their equipment – How many times have I seen someone use a machine only to just walk away afterwards without cleaning or wiping it down? My gym has cameras everywhere & I think it would be great if they made an announcement every time someone left a treadmill or some dumbbells sweaty & unsanitized. “Would the gentlemen in the grey sweatshirt & neon pink socks please wipe off the equipment you just used for the health & safety of everyone after you, please?!” That would be hilarious!! Everyone would clean up after themselves then!


Punching bags should have their own rooms – if there was ever a need for soundproof rooms, this would be why. There are so many inappropriate noises that come out of men’s mouths when they hit that punching bag, they deserve their own section at the gym.


Pluck out those wedgies! – Getting a wedgie is just a part of life. But they seem to happen rather frequently at the gym. Unlike at work or at church it is perfectly fine to pick your underwear out of your behind. Don’t walk around in those tight gym pants or sweats letting me see how uncomfortable you are from behind! Be comfortable, unclench & pull those underwear out!




What’s Your Morning Hour of Power?!

hour of power

Every morning I have the same ritual. I turn off my alarm, get outta bed, stretch, wash up & then head to the kitchen. There I get my coffee and sit at the dining table while I read my morning devotion, Scriptures & pray. My morning coffee wakes me up, but my devotion gets me going. After all of this, I am ready to start my day.

Everyone has a different morning ritual. Let’s explore how others choose to start their day –

Prayer – Morning prayer is a MUST-HAVE for me! Not only does it allow me the opportunity to talk with God & express my gratitude for another day. I have so very much to be grateful for that prayer helps me “ease” into the day with peace of mind. I can talk to the Creator, before I enjoy His creation. For many, prayer prepares them for their day before “real life” kicks in.


Meditation – Everyone needs a quiet moment; time to disconnect. Meditation is a time you can focus on your breathing & center yourself before the start of your day. Whether it’s outdoors or on the floor next to your bed, having a moment of peace/tranquility can prevent stress & anxiety. Meditation can be vital to having a productive (and relaxing) day.


Exercise – I am not a morning person so getting up extra early to work out is just not for me. But I do know that many gyms, local parks and neighborhood sidewalks are often crowded in the wee hours of the morning. Whether it’s lifting weights at home or using a workout video, morning exercise will definitely wake you up, raise your endorphins and, of course, is a good thing for you to do.

morning exercise

Coffee – Starting the morning with a nice cup of joe is a morning favorite. Coffee shops like Coffee Bean, Seattle’s Best & Starbucks are overly crowded early thing in the morning. Some people can’t even seem to function without their daily dose of caffeine. For those that choose to brew their own coffee, there’s nothing better to have the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans first thing in the morning.


Bathroom – Running to the bathroom first thing in the morning is universal. Whether you shower in the morning, have a whole ‘bathroom ritual’ or warm up the toilet seat for the first 10 minutes you’re in there, spending time in the bathroom is a definite “must” in the morning!


Read the newspaper – You gotta respect the old skool. Reading the newspaper was the morning ritual for practically 100% of people going back to the early 1900’s. Even if you just scan the headlines, you can get a pretty good idea of what’s going on in the world. At the very least, you’ll have an idea of what other people are talking about if they’re discussing the news.


Go online – Many successful people start the day checking their email. Whether it’s over breakfast, or before jumping in the shower, they can either quickly scan their inboxes for urgent messages or craft emails while their mind is still fresh.


Watch Television – Whether it’s the morning news, a talk show or catching up on reruns from the night before, turning on the television in the morning is very common. You may even like to have the television on just for the “white noise” effect. Getting ready for work in the morning or sitting down to eat breakfast in pure silence can be unsettling. Plus, it helps to know what the weather & your morning commute is going to look like!

Morning news

Make a list – Writing a things-to-do (TTD) list can help you strategize & prepare for your day. Seeing your tasks actually written out will let you prioritize and make it easier for you to remember what you have set out for the day. I write a new TTD list every day (whether or not I check everything off is another story!)


Sex – Last but not least, sex is how many couples like to start their day. According to YourTango.com 33% of adults prefer a morning quickie, but only 26% of them actually make time for sex at the beginning of their day. For some people, morning sex could mean the difference between a good day and a great day!


Do you have a morning routine? Or do you like to switch things up from time to time? Please share in the comments below –

Are You Here To Run, Or Just Run Your Mouth?!: My Observations From The Gym

Similar to my other random gym musings, I’ve come up with a few more things that annoy me at the gym. Things like –

Women with big butts, please cover it up! – A lot of women like to show off their “assets” when they go to the gym. Maybe to catch a man’s attention or maybe because it’s more comfortable to wear tight-fitting clothing while working out. You can’t complain that men won’t leave you alone at the gym if what you’re wearing is distracting. If you have a big ole behind do us a favor & invest in a long t-shirt to cover it up. Spandex is NOT your friend!

tight clothes


No cussing at the gym! – Anyone who cusses out loud at the gym should be fined. I understand that using cuss words is second nature for some but for others the gym is their sanctuary. Who cusses in a sanctuary?!

no cussing

Children should not be allowed in the locker room – Let me rephrase, children of the opposite sex should NOT be allowed in the locker room. One day I was changing in the common area of the women’s locker room when a lady entered with her 2 “grownup” sons. Her boys were probably around t 7-8 years old (unless they were just big for their age) definitely too old to be in a women’s locker room. If your kid is old enough to be in school or tall enough to reach your shoulders then they’re old enough to wait outside while you go into the women’s locker room.


No pajama pants at the gym – Why some people (namely female) wear indoor clothing outside, is beyond me. I understand that some people go to the gym first thing in the morning but that’s no excuse for wearing the same thing to the gym that you wore to bed. Show some respect for the gym & wear tight, skimpy clothing like the rest of us!

pj pants 2

The gym is not your personal home salon – I don’t know why some women think it’s okay to administer their own facials at the gym. Plenty of women put on their Noxzema facial cream and then lounge in the steam room. How gross is that?! First of all, no one wants to have to look at someone’s facial mask while they’re relaxing in the sauna. Secondly, that’s just not sanitary – all sorts of bacteria can fester & spread in an overly-heated contained environment. Save the facials for your own bathroom, ladies!


Racing me to the machine – When the gym is crowded it can be a little tough to snag a machine but by no means is it a race! If you see me heading towards a certain machine don’t try & beat me to it. If you do that then I just may take a little longer on the machine when I get to it before you do. 🙂 Beating me to the treadmill is not a contest!

treadmill race


Texting Is My Cardio!

I hit the gym hard this weekend & took notice of a ‘few’ things. Here are my latest musings from my time working out.

Enjoy! –

  • Taking selfies using the big mirror on the wall – You’re here to work out not prove to the world that you have a gym membership. Unless you are taking a “before” and “after” photo, put your phone down & lift some weights!

gym selfie

  • What’s the point in wearing dark colored clothing at the gym? – Working out is “depressing” enough why not spice it up with some bright or at least light-colored clothing? All I’m saying is that I shouldn’t feel like I’m walking into a morgue every time I work out.

Black in the gym

  • Some people can’t control their gas while they work out – Especially in the squatting area or at the leg press station. Going to yoga or pilates is even worse!! Even though it may not be on purpose, some people need to carry around air freshener with them.

yoga fart

  • Cardio activity in the free weights area – Doing jumping jacks/burpees/planks/high knee kicks in the free weights area is annoying. There is SO much other space in the gym designated for those activities, people shouldn’t have to worry about hitting your flailing arms or bobbing head when they lift weights.


  • People who make loud, sexual sounding noises while using the equipment – Some people think that the entire gym needs to hear them make their first rep. No one should have sexually illicit thoughts because you’re lifting weights too heavy for you.

grunting in the gym

  • Guys who constantly gawk at me (or any woman) in the gym – Looking is okay, gawking isn’t. I know it might be hard to stay focused but men should at least try to be discreet when they see an attractive woman. After about 2.5 seconds, you need to look away or pretend you are staring at the wall behind me.

    men gawking

  • Telling me to “modify my form” – Even if you’ve been lifting for years, you can still have bad form. It can help to have someone advise you, but if I wanted a coach I’d hire one. Sometimes, however, people need to mind their own business.

form at the gym

  • Women in the “men’s area” – Unless you’re training for body building, women should get out of the weight-lifting zone. Although there’s no official “men’s zone” in a gym, it’s widely known that the weight lifting area is where all the men hang out. Why do women need to invade that space? Women, leave the men’s space in the gym alone!

women in mens zone

Are there any funny things that happen to you while you’re at the gym? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below! –

Can I Eat My Pizza While I’m On The Treadmill?!

Since I am always in the gym, I feel like I’ll never run out of things to talk about there. There’s always someone or something to laugh about. Here are my latest annoyances from my time at the gym:

  • Hanging out in the locker room with their privates hanging out – Put some pants & a bra on please! While it’s perfectly acceptable to walk around without any clothes on in the locker room, just don’t do it for prolonged periods of time. Everybody doesn’t want to be exposed to a nude 80-year old. (No offense grandma!)

naked in the gym 1

  • People who come to work out in groups – In my experience big groups of people tend to barely work out and spend huge amounts of rest time chatting about stupid stuff very loudly. All while “using” the last remaining bench in the gym.

friends at the gym

  • Curling in the squat rack – You can do bicep curls just about anywhere in the gym, but the squat rack is the only place you can do squats. So when someone is doing curls in the squat rack and preventing me from doing squats it pisses me off. Sometimes the rack that people do squats in can be used for curling. If the gym is pretty empty, then fine but if you’re taking the last rack for your curls then that is very annoying.

curl in the squat rack

  • People who wear dumb muscle shirts – Some of those shirts look so tacky with gaping sleeve holes down the sides, or are cut shorter than they should be. Those guys usually grunt loudly as they do maybe 8 reps of bicep curls and then throw the weights to the ground. That 1 set of bicep curls is usually followed by some mirror-flexing which is so pathetic.

muscle shirt

  • Loud music at the gum – Some aerobic classes leave the door to their room wide open. Not everyone wants to be subjected to the instructors’ questionable choice in music. I guess every gym can afford soundproof walls, can they?

Loud music

  • I hate when people stand by the machine I’m using & wait for me to get done – It makes me feel like I’m inconveniencing them even though I got there first. Plus now I have an audience so it makes me feel like I have to work out extra hard on that machine.


  • When people look over at my treadmill to see my stats – I’m sorry, I didn’t know that I was in a competition! Why on earth does a total stranger need to know what I’m doing & how fast I’m doing it?! Just like in the men’s room – keep your eyes on your own stuff (or at least towards the wall in front of you)

Treadmill peak

  • That new gym member who clearly looks lost – I feel like there should be a tour guide at every gym. That guide would be responsible for directing new members or at the very least provide gym orientation on their first day. It can be difficult navigating your way around a big facility. Not to mention, when you’re lost you can get in everyone else’s way

Lost at the gym

Annoying Things People Do At The Gym

Many times I’ve written about my likes & dislikes at the gym. A lot of the things I see at the gym are either very distracting or just plain ridiculous. Now, I’d like to share with you some of the annoying things I see from people at the gym:
Not workout – Why bother coming if you know you don’t really plan to get in a good sweat? Watching yourself in the mirror does not count as exercise.

Gym 1

Asking me if you can go in between my reps – Leave me alone! You can use it when I’m done. Forgive me for not allowing you to use the machine that I’m working on. Just come back when the machine is empty because I’m not moving. I’ve already wiped down someone else’s sweat & I’m not about to wipe yours.


Not putting their weights away – I don’t lift 200lbs on the leg press so why should I have to put it away just so I could use it? People need to just put their weights back before they walk away. What’s even worse is when people leave their plates leaning up against the places where people walk and either trip or crush their toes. Someone could be seriously injured causing them to miss out for several weeks on their exercise just because you were lazy & negligent.


Spitting in the water fountain – That’s just gross!


• Too much hairspray or perfume – I shouldn’t have to stay away from an entire area just because you overdosed on beauty products. The only overwhelming stench I should smell is sweat & B.O.

too much prefume

Not wiping their sweat off of the equipment when they’re done using it – Oh my goodness this drives me insane! I wipe down equipment before and after I use, so why shouldn’t everyone else?! Your sweat is no better than anyone else’s, buddy!


People who try to chat me up – Don’t you see I have headphones on? I am usually very focused on my workout so I don’t have time to discuss last night’s TV episode or my weekend plans. And don’t think just because I’m taking a break you can have an extended conversation with me either. If I didn’t start talking to you first, keep it moving.

standing around

Play on the phone – Your music playlist should already be programmed into your phone. Other than hitting play & occasionally pressing pause, why are you pressing any other buttons on your phone when you should be pressing the buttons on the treadmill instead?!

playing on phone

Women who are stronger and/or better looking than me – How dare they come to the gym when they are already looking fit & trim? Those people shouldn’t be allowed in. The nerve of some people, I tell ya!

Sex at the gym