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Here’s Why I Love Going To Weddings Alone

Wife in charge

It’s that time of year again. Bridal shower invitations, Save-the-date cards and wedding invites are starting to make their way into my mailbox.

Sometimes I’m able to bring a date to the wedding (I usually don’t though) but because I am single, I’m usually not given the option of bringing a date. I’m okay with that but a lot of women aren’t. Most women don’t like going to weddings by themselves because it can be a very lonely experience. A lot of women like to have an “automatic” dance partner, it’s better to take pictures with someone than by yourself & overall it’s a happy occasion so why not share it with somebody that you like (at least somebody you like at that time).

I, on the other hand, feel the complete opposite. I like to go to weddings alone & here’s why:

1. You never know who you might meet at a wedding. The groom always has some single friends who show up by themselves too.

2. Who wants to feel tied down to one person for an entire night? Without a date, I’m free to mingle or “flirt” with whomever I want.

3. It sucks to have to look at a bunch of photos with somebody that you’ve broken up with. It would be horrible to take a date to a friend’s wedding only for our relationship to end shortly thereafter. Then I would be stuck looking at photos reminiscing about memories created with someone who is no longer in my life.

4. I know I’m helping out on the bride & groom’s budget. We all know that weddings can be quite costly. By not adding an additional person to the total head count, I could be saving them anywhere from $50-$100. That’s just like giving them an extra wedding present!

5. There’s always plenty of single women to dance with at a wedding. As a single woman, there will always be other single women wherever I go so if I’m just dying to have a dance partner, I know I’ll be covered.

So, why do you or why don’t you enjoy going to weddings alone?!