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Texting Is My Cardio!

I hit the gym hard this weekend & took notice of a ‘few’ things. Here are my latest musings from my time working out.

Enjoy! –

  • Taking selfies using the big mirror on the wall – You’re here to work out not prove to the world that you have a gym membership. Unless you are taking a “before” and “after” photo, put your phone down & lift some weights!

gym selfie

  • What’s the point in wearing dark colored clothing at the gym? – Working out is “depressing” enough why not spice it up with some bright or at least light-colored clothing? All I’m saying is that I shouldn’t feel like I’m walking into a morgue every time I work out.

Black in the gym

  • Some people can’t control their gas while they work out – Especially in the squatting area or at the leg press station. Going to yoga or pilates is even worse!! Even though it may not be on purpose, some people need to carry around air freshener with them.

yoga fart

  • Cardio activity in the free weights area – Doing jumping jacks/burpees/planks/high knee kicks in the free weights area is annoying. There is SO much other space in the gym designated for those activities, people shouldn’t have to worry about hitting your flailing arms or bobbing head when they lift weights.


  • People who make loud, sexual sounding noises while using the equipment – Some people think that the entire gym needs to hear them make their first rep. No one should have sexually illicit thoughts because you’re lifting weights too heavy for you.

grunting in the gym

  • Guys who constantly gawk at me (or any woman) in the gym – Looking is okay, gawking isn’t. I know it might be hard to stay focused but men should at least try to be discreet when they see an attractive woman. After about 2.5 seconds, you need to look away or pretend you are staring at the wall behind me.

    men gawking

  • Telling me to “modify my form” – Even if you’ve been lifting for years, you can still have bad form. It can help to have someone advise you, but if I wanted a coach I’d hire one. Sometimes, however, people need to mind their own business.

form at the gym

  • Women in the “men’s area” – Unless you’re training for body building, women should get out of the weight-lifting zone. Although there’s no official “men’s zone” in a gym, it’s widely known that the weight lifting area is where all the men hang out. Why do women need to invade that space? Women, leave the men’s space in the gym alone!

women in mens zone

Are there any funny things that happen to you while you’re at the gym? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below! –

Pass the Crackers, Someone Just Cut The Cheese

Last week I wrote about farting – excuse me, passing gas – in front of other people. Yes, we all know it can be humiliating, especially when you’re in a situation where it’s unavoidable. But sometimes embarrassment doesn’t stop people from doing what nature is calling them to do.

farting 5

Personally, I think that gas should be let out in private, however, some people feel differently. I’m sure everyone was taught that it is completely natural to have gas but different upbringings dictate when & where the gas should be let out. Is passing gas okay when you’re hanging out with your buddies? Maybe. Is passing gas okay when you’re at home, even if someone else is there with you? Perhaps. What about in class, during church or at work – is it okay then? Probably not. How about on a date with someone? Definitely not (and that goes for both men & women). But when did it become so taboo to do something so natural in front of other people? Surely, people are forgiving when it comes to bodily functions that you can’t help, right? Well, I may not agree with PDG (public displays of gas) there are plenty of people who do.

So what do you do when someone else passes gas in front of you? Do you embarrass them by mentioning the unpleasant odor? Or do you just act like you don’t notice?  Whatever you decide, here are some tips on how to handle someone else’s “social mishap”:

  1. Fan the air to get rid of the unpleasant odor – there is no reason for you to have to suffer in silence. While you may not point fingers towards who you think the offender might be, the fastest way to move on is to neutralize your personal breathing space as quickly as possible.
  2. Excuse yourself from the room but do so without violently gasping for air on your way out
  3. If you know the offender well, there is nothing wrong with adding some levity to the situation by making a light joke, for instance: “Thanks for letting that out; you may have made my nose hurt but at least your stomach feels better!”
  4. Quickly proclaim that it wasn’t you! – There is nothing worse than being blamed for something you didn’t do. The last thing you would want is for people to assume that you are the “farter” and not the “fartee”
  5. Smile politely without even acknowledging the unpleasant smell. I’m sure that person is embarrassed enough

Again, everyone gets gas from time to time. How have you dealt with someone else’s passing gas in your presence? Did you call them out on it or did you pretend not to notice? I’d love to hear! Feel free to share in my comments section below.

farting 3