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Am I Wasting My Youth By Not Having Enough Sex?

Debbie Reynolds recently gave an interview where she said “I wish I had enjoyed more sex.” Of all the things she could’ve said that was quite a statement to make at 81 years old! But her comment made me wonder whether or not I’m having enough sex.

Admittedly, I haven’t had a lot of sexual partners but I’m already over 30 and not even close to getting married. Should I have more sex before I get too old? Perhaps I should just add more sexual partners to my roster before I get married? Now, I am not saying that I’m going to go wilin’ out but maybe it wouldn’t kill me to have a little more experience. I won’t have my looks forever (or my figure, for that matter) so why waste my youth by not having more sex now?

Everyone already thinks that the older you get the less sex you have, whether married or unmarried. And the older you get there are fewer & fewer available men to have sex with so if I don’t have my fun now, there’s a chance I may miss out altogether. I would hate for one of my regrets in life to be “I didn’t have enough sex when I was younger & nobody wants me now that I’m older.” (Lol)

The problem is that it’s not that easy to have more sex when you get older. Even in my thirties it takes a lot more energy & effort to hook up with someone who doesn’t have any drama, diseases or other issues.  Not to mention it takes a lot more physically to stay in shape than when I was in my twenties. Since I’m not sexually active now, I feel like I am doing the right thing by not “sleeping around”. I can only hope that the quality of sex that I’ll have when I get older will make up for the sex that I’m missing out on as a young woman.