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Why Doth Thou Breath Stinketh?

Does your tooth brush bow down when you walk into the bathroom? Are you scared by the smell of your own breath? Has anyone ever compared your breath to rotten garbage or a baby’s diaper? Have you ever been so close to someone with bad breath that it made your breath stink? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then that means you need to floss.

Bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene. It can also be caused by tobacco products, not enough saliva or a bad diet. It’s recommended that we brush twice daily and floss at least once every day. Flossing has to be done properly though – don’t use the floss like a saw going back & forth between your teeth, but more in an up & down fashion so that the floss hugs the side of each tooth (like the letter “C”). You should also use a toothbrush with soft bristles so you don’t scrub your teeth & gums too harshly. If you don’t do these things then it’s possible that your gums will become sore and even bleed. Also be sure to use a good mouthwash, like Scope or Act. Mouthwash really gets in between your teeth and adds a covering over your enamel. I’d like to think that using mouthwash is like getting your car waxed. It’s fine to wash & dry your car but a coat of wax really seals & protects the paint.  If you think your gums are receding or discolored, get them checked out. There is nothing cute about a dark gum line or no gums at all.

I hate going to the dentist – there are strangers diddling around in my mouth, I have to lay flat on my back in an uncomfortable chair for hours on end, there’s constant water & air forced into my mouth at the same time and worst of all I hate the sound of my own teeth being scraped and drilled into. But I still go twice a year because I know that it is important for my overall health. According to CBSnews.com, you can expect to live up to 6 additional years if you floss and maintain good overall dental health.

So, don’t have stale mouthed breath. Taking care of your teeth and your gums will save you trips to the dentist and can literally add years to your life.