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Enough With The Hand Sanitizer!

I can’t stand it when somebody shakes my hand & then uses hand sanitizer right in front of me. At least try to hide the fact that you’re wiping yourself clean of me. I mean c’mon, how rude is that?!

  • Don’t you know that your body automatically fights disease through your white blood cells? The whole purpose of these cells is to keep you from getting sick (or at least getting very sick). So even if you shake a couple of hands & touch a doorknob or two, you will survive.
  • Did it ever occur to you that your hands are just as dirty (or even dirtier) than mine? So how would you feel if you saw me cleaning my hands right after shaking yours?
  • What’s the point of cleaning your hands anyway? Unless the next thing you touch is going to be food, you’re just wiping your hands to touch something else that’s dirty (your computer, a pen, your cell phone or car keys)
  • Using all that hand sanitizer throughout the day can really dry out your hands. Don’t you know hand sanitizers are alcohol based solvents?
  • When you use hand sanitizer, it makes everything else you touch smell like alcohol. Who wants  to smell like that?
  • And did I mention it was just plain rude?!

So if you are one of those people – STOP IT – everything is dirty!


Elbow Etiquette

I was on an airplane last week and was disturbed by the lack of etiquette I experienced. I’m not talking about crying babies, people snoring or odd odors – I’m referring to the lack of elbow etiquette. Elbow etiquette is when someone hogs the armrest without consideration to the person sitting next to them.

You see whether you are on an airplane, in a stadium or at the movie theater more than likely you’ll have to share your armrest. A lot of people like to rest their entire forearm on the armrest but I believe there should be rules:

  • Ask me first – Before you decide to “hog” the entire armrest, check to see if I’d like to use it at all. It’s called courtesy folks.
  • Take turns – Okay, maybe you got to your seat before me and have already gotten comfortable with your elbow on the armrest. Well, just don’t forget that there are others sitting on either side of you so maybe at halftime you can remove your elbows & let me have a turn with the armrest. After all, it is partially mine as well.
  • Front/Back – So here’s a situation where both parties can be happy. If you rest your elbows on the front of the armrest, I’ll take the back. Or vice versa. Either way works for me. This way we both get some elbow real estate and don’t have to take turns or go without.
  • Don’t use it at all – This is probably the easiest and most rationale approach. Don’t use your armrest at all and that will ensure that the person next to you won’t have any problems.