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White People Riot Over Sports Teams, African Americans Riot Over Murder – Which Makes More Sense?!

riot 1

Why is that when African-Americans are upset it’s called “rioting” but when White people destroy property & set things on fire, it’s called “celebrating”?

This article, “White People Rioting for No Reason,” spotlights Twitter user @red3blog who decided to collect photos of all the times white people had rioted over issues way less important than racism, police violence, and grievances with the criminal justice system. Basically, white people rioting for no reason.

riot 1

riot 2


riot 4

riot 5

riot 7

riot 9

riot 13

riot 14


What do you think? Don’t we have the right to be upset over a senseless killing, if White people can get an uproar about a sports team? Fair is fair & we have a legitimate right to be angry, so why the double-standard in the media?

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