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The ‘Write Club’: Where Real Literaries Battle It Out!

Write Club


This was how I was greeted when the whole “Write Club” experience started. Where in the world am I?! What is this even about?! These were some of the questions I had in my mind because I had no clue what was about to happen. You see, I was invited by a friend and the only thing I was told was to expect the unexpected.

So what was this ‘Write Club’ all about? Well, for starters imagine a blond Russell Brand (but without the accent) as the host & a younger version of the late Joan Rivers as his co-host. With an exorbitant amount of energy they introduced themselves and warned all 1st time visitors about what was going to happen. I entered into an arena for popular controversial topics to be challenged one-on-one by two opposing parties. So imagine the movie “Fight Club” starring Brad Pitt but instead of using their fists, each contender has to use their words. Yeah, that’s deep. I know.

So here’s how it went down: There were three different rounds and 2 people each round arguing opposing points of view that were assigned to them in advance. Each speaker had 7 minutes apiece to defend their stance and the audience got to choose the winner. There were some “unofficial” judges selected at random by the host & co-host who had front row seats just in case they were needed to break a tie. The winner was awarded a mini-trophy (it was really little & cute!) and a cut of the evenings proceeds went to the charity of the winners’ choosing.

The topics debated that night were: Science vs. Religion, Sight vs. Sound, and Nature vs. Nurture (actually I can’t remember the 3rd topic but you get the picture). Each person put up a really good ‘write fight’, and despite all the cheering & clapping, there could only be 1 winner per round. All in all, it was a great event! I think the only downside was that I didn’t know about it sooner.

There are ‘Write Clubs’ in different major cities throughout the United States. To find one in your city, go to their website – WriteClubRules.

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The punchiest thing to hit literature since Hemingway” – Chicago Reader