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Look, Someone Spilled A Cheetah On Themselves!

I am not a fan of cheetah print. I think it looks ridiculous when it’s overdone. If a woman has on cheetah print from head to toe it just looks tacky. It’s just too much (And the same thing can be said about leopard print too.)

We were all born with our own skin so why go around trying to wear clothes that look like the skin of an animal? Is the goal to make yourself look more erotic or to announce to the world that you’re animal-friendly?!

Whatever the reason may be, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to the women who wear cheetah proudly even though they don’t wear it well:


Cheetah 1

Cheetah 2

Cheetah 4

Cheetah 3

Cheetah 6

cheetah 5 Cheetah 7

Cheetah 8 Cheetah 9

Cheetah 10 Cheetah 11

Cheetah 12 Cheetah 13

Cheetah 14 Cheetah 16 Cheetah 17 Cheetah 18 Cheetah 19

Cheetah 15