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Sorry Bernie, I Should’ve Voted For You!


I’ve been a Hillary Clinton fan since day one. As a matter fact I even voted for her when she ran against then-Senator Barack Obama in 2008. My thinking was that she had the experience and the knowledge to not only hold the highest office in the land but also do a great job. Other than sitting alongside her husband during his eight years as president, she also had a pretty successful term as a New York state senator.

But in 2016 Hillary Clinton has far more experience and has definitely made a name for herself outside of who she’s married to. Yes, there’s a lot of baggage around the Clinton name: Benghazi, “email-gate” and even national healthcare going back to the 90’s. But she is still Hillary “The” Clinton. Regardless of whatever baggage is associated with her name she still has the most experience, the best experience and for the most part outpaces Donald Trump in all of the national polls (although those numbers fluctuate). So today in the lovely state of California I cast my ballot for Hillary Clinton. But should I have marked off Bernie Sanders’ name instead?

As soon as I left the polls I called my dad (to talk about something else). The conversation quickly turned to politics. My dad is a political nut and loves discussing the latest election news. So I knew any conversation surrounding today’s election might turn into a lengthy one, but I still found myself defending my reasons for voting for Hillary Clinton and not Bernie Sanders. My dad’s argument in favor of Bernie Sanders was that he has long since fought for civil rights, he’s been a successful senator (albeit from Vermont), and he really is a man “for the people”. Hillary Clinton, while well qualified for the position of President, has too much baggage and has since fallen in the polls against Donald Trump. Now we know the polls can change on a daily or even hourly basis so that point didn’t mean much to me. Shoot, the way Donald Trump has talked about other races, even as recently as yesterday, makes me think that anyone running against him would win in a landslide. In my opinion, he’s talking himself out of office every time he’s in front of a microphone.

But back to Bernie Sanders. Should I have voted for him instead of Hillary? Yes he is older, yes he’s from Vermont and yes he’s got some pretty “crazy” ideas (like free college for all) but isn’t that what this country needs right now?

Honestly I felt as if Bernie didn’t have the experience to run this country. Yes he’s been politically active all of his life, and has even fought for African American civil rights. However running the state of Vermont doesn’t exactly qualify you to run the entire country. That’s like saying because you know how to ride a bicycle that qualifies you to drive a 16-wheeler big rig. It doesn’t; it just doesn’t.

America is all about giving the ‘little guy’ a chance (unless you happen to be African-American, but that’s a whole nother post). So while I knew deep down that the state of California would’ve selected Hillary Clinton as our nominee, I should’ve cast my ballot for Bernie. Because even the Jewish guy with the crazy ideas from Brooklyn deserves a chance to be our next President.


MLK Weekend: Remembering Martin Luther & Coretta Scott King


Martin Luther King Jr. & Coretta Scott were married on June 18, 1953, and in September 1954 took up residence in Montgomery, Alabama, with Coretta Scott King assuming the many responsibilities of pastor’s wife at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church.

During Dr. King’s career, Mrs. King devoted most of her time to raising their four children: Yolanda Denise (1955), Martin Luther, III (1957), Dexter Scott (1961), and Bernice Albertine (1963). From the earliest days, however, she balanced mothering and Movement work, speaking before church, civic, college, fraternal and peace groups. She conceived and performed a series of favorably-reviewed Freedom Concerts which combined prose and poetry narration with musical selections and functioned as significant fundraisers for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the direct action organization of which Dr. King served as first president. In 1957, she and Dr. King journeyed to Ghana to mark that country’s independence. In 1958, they spent a belated honeymoon in Mexico, where they observed first-hand the immense gulf between extreme wealth and extreme poverty. In 1959, Dr. and Mrs. King spent nearly a month in India on a pilgrimage to disciples and sites associated with Mahatma Gandhi. In 1964, she accompanied him to Oslo, Norway, where he received the Nobel Peace Prize. Even prior to her husband’s public stand against the Vietnam War in 1967, Mrs. King functioned as liaison to peace and justice organizations, and as mediator to public officials on behalf of the unheard.

After her husband’s assassination in 1968, Mrs. King founded and devoted great energy and commitment to building and developing programs for the Atlanta-based Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change as a living memorial to her husband’s life and dream.

Today, I honor both Dr. & Mrs. Martin Luther King for their work and service for all mankind. THANK YOU, DR. KING!

The Special Olympics Are Here!!

“Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

special needs

The 2015 Special Olympics World Games is taking place this week in Los Angeles, CA. Approximately 7,000 athletes will be participating in the World Games, representing over 170 nations around the world. There will be close to half a million people watching in person and many millions watching around the world on television. ESPN is the channel of choice for these world games.

I had the unforgettable pleasure of being a part of the opening ceremony last weekend. Countries were represented from Burkina Faso to U.S. Samoa & from American Samoa to Mauritius. There were countries that sent as few as 12 delegates to over 250 delegates. Every nation represented wore their traditional garb and waved to the crowd as their country was called. All week, these Olympians will be competing in games such as volleyball, badminton, swimming, power lifting and even a triathlon at different venues throughout Los Angeles.

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There were speeches from Tim Shriver & Maria Shriver who both spoke about their mother’s legacy and reason for starting the Special Olympics. Oscar De La Hoya & Eva Longoria also spoke and there were performances by Avril Lavigne and Spanish sensation J Balvin. Stevie Wonder wowed the crowd and the evening was topped off a speech from the First Lady of the United States of America, Mrs. Michelle Obama. She encouraged everyone to reach for their  dreams no matter what & that we all should carry a sense of pride in who we are no matter what our difficulties may be. I didn’t get the opportunity to meet her, but I was able to see her in person up close for the first time. Then I was a part of the closing song – ‘Reach Up L.A.!’ written by Siedah Garrett. There were over 100 people on the stage pumping up the crowd with choreographed moves & flags flying everywhere. It was a night to remember! I had a great time & felt privileged to be part of such an amazing event.

Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the Special Olympics World Games is the only of its kind. There are over 200,000,000 people around the world that suffer from intellectual disabilities. This includes people who have Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and even Autism. Visit http://LA2015.org for more information.

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