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Enough With The Hand Sanitizer!

I can’t stand it when somebody shakes my hand & then uses hand sanitizer right in front of me. At least try to hide the fact that you’re wiping yourself clean of me. I mean c’mon, how rude is that?!

  • Don’t you know that your body automatically fights disease through your white blood cells? The whole purpose of these cells is to keep you from getting sick (or at least getting very sick). So even if you shake a couple of hands & touch a doorknob or two, you will survive.
  • Did it ever occur to you that your hands are just as dirty (or even dirtier) than mine? So how would you feel if you saw me cleaning my hands right after shaking yours?
  • What’s the point of cleaning your hands anyway? Unless the next thing you touch is going to be food, you’re just wiping your hands to touch something else that’s dirty (your computer, a pen, your cell phone or car keys)
  • Using all that hand sanitizer throughout the day can really dry out your hands. Don’t you know hand sanitizers are alcohol based solvents?
  • When you use hand sanitizer, it makes everything else you touch smell like alcohol. Who wants  to smell like that?
  • And did I mention it was just plain rude?!

So if you are one of those people – STOP IT – everything is dirty!


I Learned How To Drink & Drive

A couple of weekends ago, a friend was telling me how she was driving under the influence on New Year’s Eve. Of course, she knows better than to drink & drive but I suppose she thought she hadn’t had too much to drink and was perfectly capable of driving. I asked her why she didn’t give her keys to someone else and her response was “No worries, I was taught how to drive while drunk”. When I heard that, I almost dropped the phone!

At the time her comment seemed ludicrous but the more I thought about it, the more I thought about how parents are teaching their children things with the disclaimer of “Don’t do this but in case you do, here’s how.” In my friend’s instance, I’m sure she was taught not to drink & drive but in the event she found herself in a predicament where she did have a few drinks, then she should drive slowly and carefully.

Another illustration of this is when parents tell their teenage children not to have sex, but still arm them with birth control just in case. How can you teach someone NOT to do something but still give them the tools to get it done? I know, I know – kids are having sex anyway so it’s up to the parents to teach them about using protection. The flaw with this argument is that parents are essentially saying that it’s okay to have sex as long as you protect yourself – and that’s dead wrong.

I think that you should reinforce what you teach to your children and if they rebel, let them realize the consequences of their actions for themselves. It’s called “Tough Love” folks…