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You Can Tell A Single Man A Mile Away

I’ve become more cognizant of some of the characteristics that single men seem to share. A man who is not in a serious relationship or married is obvious to spot. Here’s what I’ve noticed –

Single men groom a little differently: Similar to single women taking care of their hair, single men always keep theirs cut or nicely shaved. But what about their other hairs? (Don’t think dirty ya’ll!) I’ve met a lot of single young men who have unusually long nose hairs. Why is this? Don’t single men ever look at themselves in the mirror from the side to check out their nostrils? Long nose hairs are such a turn off! Married women don’t let their husbands leave the house without checking these things.

I can tell a single man by the food he eats: All you have to do is look in a man’s grocery cart to tell whether or not he’s cooking for two, let alone if he’s married. Men cooking for two have more food in their cart (and invariably more exotic foods) whereas married men don’t seem to buy very exciting foods. But it goes beyond the grocery store. When eating out single men tend to order differently (and usually less healthy).

Single men dress differently: Single men dress to impress. They may be a little bit flashier but they do take more pride in their appearance.

Single men don’t really attend church: Most Black churches are full of women and fewer men. Occasionally I’ll see some single men at church (which is always a good thing) but most men are married and are probably dragged to church by their wife or significant other.

Men, are single women so easy to spot?

Why Doth Thou Breath Stinketh?

Does your tooth brush bow down when you walk into the bathroom? Are you scared by the smell of your own breath? Has anyone ever compared your breath to rotten garbage or a baby’s diaper? Have you ever been so close to someone with bad breath that it made your breath stink? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then that means you need to floss.

Bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene. It can also be caused by tobacco products, not enough saliva or a bad diet. It’s recommended that we brush twice daily and floss at least once every day. Flossing has to be done properly though – don’t use the floss like a saw going back & forth between your teeth, but more in an up & down fashion so that the floss hugs the side of each tooth (like the letter “C”). You should also use a toothbrush with soft bristles so you don’t scrub your teeth & gums too harshly. If you don’t do these things then it’s possible that your gums will become sore and even bleed. Also be sure to use a good mouthwash, like Scope or Act. Mouthwash really gets in between your teeth and adds a covering over your enamel. I’d like to think that using mouthwash is like getting your car waxed. It’s fine to wash & dry your car but a coat of wax really seals & protects the paint.  If you think your gums are receding or discolored, get them checked out. There is nothing cute about a dark gum line or no gums at all.

I hate going to the dentist – there are strangers diddling around in my mouth, I have to lay flat on my back in an uncomfortable chair for hours on end, there’s constant water & air forced into my mouth at the same time and worst of all I hate the sound of my own teeth being scraped and drilled into. But I still go twice a year because I know that it is important for my overall health. According to, you can expect to live up to 6 additional years if you floss and maintain good overall dental health.

So, don’t have stale mouthed breath. Taking care of your teeth and your gums will save you trips to the dentist and can literally add years to your life.


How Can You Spend Quality Time With Your Children When You Have So Many Of Them?

I was talking to a friend who was telling me about one of her girlfriends who had married a man that had about 6 children (I say about 6 children because I couldn’t remember the exactly number). They had one child together before getting married but between their one child together and all of his own children their house was always full. I asked my friend why on earth her friend would marry someone who had 6 children already and her explanation was fairly simple: Although it sounded like a lot of stepchildren (and it is), it never really posed a problem because most of them were grown or lived somewhere else.

Apparently, her friend married someone in his late 40’s (she’s in her early thirties) that started having children in his teenage years. Four of his six children were over the age of 18 and already out of the house (and off of child support). Although he does have a lot of children he was only financially responsible for two of them. I mean most American households have only 2 children, so the question arose – how can you take care of your children when you have so many?

Let me state up front that I think money is only a single factor in taking care of children. Sure, it allows you to hire a nanny or provide material things for your children but having money doesn’t buy you more quality time with your children when you have a lot of them.

Take for example Jim & Michelle Duggar who have 19 children. Although they are reportedly living debt free and have the financial means to care for all of their children, there just aren’t enough hours in the day for 2 parents to be devoted to 19 different children. Even with their “buddy system” of an older child caring for a younger child, the mother & father should be responsible for raising all of their children.

Another example would be Ms. Nadya Suleman who has 14 children, with no husband and no real job. Aside from being broke, she has to hire multiple nannies just to keep all of her children in line. And to that I say, “Your Honor, I rest my case”.

Children need more than the love of their parents and they need more than their parents money. Children need quality time with their parents.


I Learned How To Drink & Drive

A couple of weekends ago, a friend was telling me how she was driving under the influence on New Year’s Eve. Of course, she knows better than to drink & drive but I suppose she thought she hadn’t had too much to drink and was perfectly capable of driving. I asked her why she didn’t give her keys to someone else and her response was “No worries, I was taught how to drive while drunk”. When I heard that, I almost dropped the phone!

At the time her comment seemed ludicrous but the more I thought about it, the more I thought about how parents are teaching their children things with the disclaimer of “Don’t do this but in case you do, here’s how.” In my friend’s instance, I’m sure she was taught not to drink & drive but in the event she found herself in a predicament where she did have a few drinks, then she should drive slowly and carefully.

Another illustration of this is when parents tell their teenage children not to have sex, but still arm them with birth control just in case. How can you teach someone NOT to do something but still give them the tools to get it done? I know, I know – kids are having sex anyway so it’s up to the parents to teach them about using protection. The flaw with this argument is that parents are essentially saying that it’s okay to have sex as long as you protect yourself – and that’s dead wrong.

I think that you should reinforce what you teach to your children and if they rebel, let them realize the consequences of their actions for themselves. It’s called “Tough Love” folks…


What’s The Point of Living A Long Life?

I think that living too long is pointless. Old & young people alike often say that they want to live to be 100 years old. But why?! What can you possibly do at 89 or 93 that you didn’t get done when you were 75 years old?

Don’t get me wrong – it’s nice to be able to boast about how long you’ve lived and all of the things you’ve seen in your lifetime, but there aren’t too many other advantages of old age. I just think that everything that you wanted to accomplish should have been checked off your list when you were younger.

We all know that once you pass a certain age, quality of life diminishes. So what good could it possibly do to live a life of diminished quality? There are so many things that go “south” as you get older. Everything from deteriorating health to losing your longtime friends (who are also very old). Even your own family members probably aren’t visiting you that much. Your grandchildren & great-grandchildren have a life of their own and may only see or call you on your birthday or around the holidays, at best. As you get older, you just can’t do as much as when you were younger. And that’s just the normal cycle of life.

Personally, I’m afraid to get old. I know that aging is inevitable, but I’m not looking forward to all of the physical ailments that come with the aging process. I don’t want to live too long for fear that I’ll lose relevancy in this world.

I’m more concerned about having a full life, not a long one…