I Just Wiped The Slate Clean (Again)!

Every now & then I like to wipe the slate clean and cut off everybody that I’ve been dating. It’s not because I like to start over, it’s just that when things aren’t working out with the people you’ve been dealing with, it’s time to find some new people.

It’s a lot easier when you can tell that the relationships you’re in aren’t going anywhere. What’s the point in keeping someone around when you know it’s not a good fit? As a lot of single women can tell you, it’s very difficult to meet men that you like. Genuinely like, that is. Sure, there are men that “will do” – men who are okay to pass the time with, men you can travel with, men to talk to & hang out with – but not men you actually want to spend the rest of your life with.

I wish I knew why it was so hard to find a good man; there aren’t any good answers to this conundrum. One of the reasons I was okay with wiping the slate clean was because I am emphatically disheartened by my options. My dating slate will continue to be erased over & over again, until I meet someone who makes me want to “throw away” that slate. I just need better choices!

It gets tiring. Starting all over, that is. But it also gets tiring dating men you can’t connect with.

Have you ever gotten tired of ‘wiping your slate clean’?

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