“Let Some People Make Copies”

This Sunday in church, the preacher said something that was very interesting. She reminded the congregation that everyone has their own calling. Some people are meant to do big things, while others are meant to do smaller things which can be equally important.

Everyone can’t be a Martin Luther King Jr., or a Bill Gates or a Mother Teresa. There have to be people who drive them around, do research for them, answer their phones or even cook for them. As menial as these tasks may seem, there is nothing wrong with them. Similarly, there are going to be people in our lives who may be very talented in their own right but are meant to support those who have a dream, or a vision. Perhaps all these people can do offer their support by lending a listening ear or taking on a smaller task to help make that dream a reality.

If there are people like that in your life, don’t discourage them from taking on smaller tasks if that’s what they feel more comfortable doing. If they want to support you from the background, let them. Don’t push them into taking on something a lot larger than what they’re truly capable of. After all, some people are born “just to make copies.”

Do you know what your calling is?  Are you more of a “spotlight” type of person or more of a “background” type of person?

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