Ways To Be Romantic

  1. Little handwritten notes – it doesn’t have to be anything specific. Just a simple “hope you have a great day” or “I love you” etc. does the trick.
  2. Forehead kisses
  3. Light non sexual touching
  4. Keeping my favorite snacks around the house
  5. Smiling at me for no particular reason
  6. Sending me flowers
  7. Showing your support (if I have a fundraiser or want to go to an event)
  8. A good hug
  9. Spontaneous dancing – who says you can’t bust out into dance on the kitchen floor randomly?!
  10. Making sure I get home okay – a true gentleman always checks on a lady to make sure she made it to her destination safely.
  11. Hand kisses – how sweet is that?
  12. Make me laugh
  13. Bring me coffee
  14. Holding hands with me
  15. Bring me a plate of dinner (home cooked or store bought)
  16. Help me clean up my house – and not to worry, a guy can do all the light work like vacuuming, folding laundry, windexing, etc.
  17. Ask about my day
  18. Stroke my hair – most women enjoy it when people play in their hair; it feels really good.
  19. Kiss my nose
  20. Surprise me with random surprises!
  21. Filling up all my gas tank – taking care of my car is the same as taking care of me.
  22. Listening – at the end of the day, women want to be heard. Do this, men, and you will be wayyy ahead of other men who may be trying to capture my attention.

What other ways can you be romantic?!

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