And On His Instagram Page, I Found…

So, I met this guy who said he was really into me. A product of the South, he moved to L.A. a while ago and told me that he wanted to settle down, get married & have a family. Of course, these are the words every single woman wants to hear, so needless to say, I wasn’t moved at all.  We exchanged contact information and have talked on the phone a few times & even hung out once. Our conversations ranged from religion to comedy, and from politics to family. With all of our conversation, not once did he mention something so very important.

On his Instagram page (which he asked me to check out), I found out that he had not 1, but 2 kids! A little boy & a young daughter. Can you believe it?! A man who had talked to me for hours not once mentioned that he was a father, let alone a father to two children. How could he leave this “tidbit” of information out of our conversations? Did he not think I would find out eventually?

Was he ashamed of fathering 2 children? Did he not have a good relationship with them or their mothers? Was he expecting me to get to know him first before dropping this bombshell on me? Or maybe he didn’t think that it mattered that I didn’t know? Did he think that I would want to be with him more when I found out from another source that he had kids? Or maybe he wasn’t “hiding” it from me, but he certainly wasn’t forthcoming with the information either. Whatever his explanation was for not telling me just wouldn’t have made any sense to me.

Why would you not want someone to know that you have multiple children? Why would you expect someone to trust you if you are withholding such relevant information from them? No one should ever have to find out over social media that you have kids. That’s reason enough to not call them anymore.

Which is exactly what I did.

What have you found out about someone over social media that you didn’t already know about them?

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