Do Men Like This Exist?

The older you get as a single person, the more you start to wonder whether or not the right person is out there for you. Sure, you review your standards to make sure they aren’t too out of control but at the end of the day, you question more & more whether or not you’ll ever meet “The One.”

I know that there are some good single men out there but WHERE ARE THEY?? All the good single men I know are either considerably unattractive, dull, not engaging or just not interested in marriage. (As a side note, I do find it amusing that women are supposed to “settle” in the looks department, as if a woman doesn’t deserve to be attracted to the man she’s with)

Aside from the usual things that women want in a man, I also want:

  • A guy who calls when he says he will
  • A guy who is EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY and available
  • A guy who is ACTIVELY SEEKING A SERIOUS relationship
  • A guy who knows how to TREASURE a good woman and treat me RIGHT (can I get an amen?!)

Is this too much to ask for? I think not. People tell me that single men like this exist, I just don’t know where they are. Again, I’m not disputing that good men do exist, it’s just they never seem to come in a package that most women can recognize.

5 thoughts on “Do Men Like This Exist?

  1. Great read… i always ask myself that! Its not too much to ask but hey, its an uphill task just finding one man who fits you

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