Ah Ha, I Tricked You!

  1. If a kid says they want more food, take their plate & just spread out the food that’s already on it. Kids don’t understand that it’s the same amount of food, just spread out. This way, you’re not wasting any food and everyone is happy!
  2. Alternatively, if a kid doesn’t want to eat all of their food, you can take their plate away, pile all their food up, and they’ll think there is less food.
  3. This also works with drinks. You can pour a drink from a wide short glass to a tall thin one and it will seem like a full glass.
  4. Most people don’t say thank you after getting off the bus here, I’ve noticed after years of commutes that if you can get off first and loudly thank the driver nearly everyone else who gets off will also say thank you.
  5. People like to talk about themselves so the more questions you ask them about their life, the better. Even when the conversation seems to be getting stale, just bring up something that they mentioned about themselves in the past and you’ll be back to chatting in no time.
  6. If you ask someone a question and you aren’t quite satisfied with their answer, then just make eye contact and stay silent for an awkwardly long period of time. People will divulge more information, because subconsciously they think too much silence is uncomfortable. They’ll think that their original answer was not enough, so they’ll give you more unsolicited.
  7. Whenever you call a customer service phone number, whether it is the bank, the cable company or even the IRS, tell them you really need help and say, “I’m hoping you can help me.” People who get yelled at and blamed all day usually relish the chance to be the “hero”. If a little above & beyond the call of duty is needed, they are more likely to go there for someone nice. Plus, shouldn’t you be nice to somebody you are asking for help anyway? Coolness usually breeds coolness.
  8. Have you ever tried handing people random items while you talk to them? You should try it one time, and the person you’re talking to will end up with a bunch of stuff in their hands and will be willing to help you put it all away.
  9. Act like you know what someone is up to and, if they are anxious enough about it, they’ll let it all slip and apologize for it, telling you everything you need to know. You can even hit them with the line, “Just because I don’t say anything, doesn’t mean I don’t know.” Let that one sink in!

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