#MondayMotivation: Happy Thoughts

Here are some motivational tips for this week. Use them wisely!

  1. Use the steps, don’t trip on the steps.
  2. It’s not about being invited to the dance. It’s about being able to dance.
  3. When you honor the steps & you’ll get a platform.
  4. Don’t love the way you wanna love, love the way they need to be loved.
  5. If you haven’t met his friends, then you’re not really his girlfriend.
  6. You might need a hint & a half.
  7. People shouldn’t be treated equally, they should be treated equitably.
  8. The only thing I have to offer is partnership.
  9. All you can do with a weakness is make it mediocre.
  10. Marriage is a commitment, followed by a series of commitments.
  11. Be willing to adjust to change.
  12. Any setbacks you experience are a setup for a comeback.
  13. Forgive. Let it go. Don’t hold grudges.
  14. Pretty is as pretty does.
  15. You can catch more bees with honey than you can with vinegar.
  16. Learn how to prioritize.
  17. You are blessed to be a blessing to someone else.
  18. Be a lifelong learner.
  19. Be sure to mentor someone else.
  20. Remember to do things you love.

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