Money Thoughts

Money. Money. Money. It’s something that we all need & most of us don’t have enough of. While we understand the purpose of money & it’s importance, some of us are clueless when it come to our ideology of money.

But no matter how much money you have, you can always improve your thought process behind money. Here’s how to begin that process:

  • Think about what your parents told you about money – some of us grew up thinking that having too much money was a bad thing or that money is only a means to an end. You may have heard your parents arguing about money or feeling guilty about not having any to give to you when you ask for it. Really reflect on the attitudes your parents had on money and how that may have rubbed off on you.

  • Remove any negative thoughts – once you have truly identified where your thoughts & feelings about money comes from, you should separate the negative from the positive. Not everything having to do with money is bad. Determine how to turn those negative thoughts into positive ones so you can begin to have a ‘healthy’ relationship with money.

  • Create your own truths about money – what are your earnest beliefs about money? What have you learned about money (or the lack thereof) from your own personal experiences & from others around you? It’s up to you to change your money mindset.

  • And don’t forget to save – remember money doesn’t grow on trees!


Once you reflect on these 4 things, it’ll be easier to determine whether or not you need to re-evaluate your thought process on money.

Where did your thoughts of money come from? What are your current thoughts on money?

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