Nip Bugs In The Bud

Life is full of problems. What makes it so great is the ability to handle those problems, learn from those problems & help others avoid those same problems. Here are a few ways to ‘nip bugs in the bud’ –

Recognize hot buttons (and avoid them!) – no one wants to be in the hot seat. So if you can avoid “mess”, then you should do so at all costs. Life’s little problems will find you all on their own, but the more you can find out what bothers other people the easier it should be to avoid those topics.

Don’t let things escalate – rumors breed drama. If something is seemingly out of hand, try to cut it off at the pass. Just about anything has the potential to blow up, but it doesn’t have to. Handle it before someone else does!

Temper your tone – tone is everything. As they say, “you can catch more bees with honey than you can with vinegar”. You can say the meanest thing in the nicest way with the right tone. If you’re upset, then take a moment, take a breath & be prepared to talk about things only when you’re calm and collected.

Go to the source – get to the root of the problem & slowly deconstruct it. You already know what happened, now find out how it happened. This can help you prevent future “bugs” and work out whatever issues you may have with that source.


What’s your go-to solution for “nipping things in the bud”? Share your thoughts in the comments section below –

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