Who Exactly Is Mr. Right?!

The right guy does the right things. Ladies, if you are dating a guy & he’s doing the following things (it’s even better if he goes above & beyond):

  • He supports you – whether it’s your career, life goals or anything else, the right man shows up when you need him to & even offers to help. He may even research whatever project your working on so he can speak on it intelligently. He will also tell all his friends & family to support the woman he cares about and wouldn’t feel intimidated by it. Sure, in a perfect world a woman wouldn’t need a man to have her back but sometimes we do. A good man will actively show his support.
  • He tells you that he’s proud of you – every little girl likes to hear that her father is proud of her. And that doesn’t change when we grow up. The only difference is that as a woman, we also like to hear that from the other important man in our life – our man. A good boyfriend has no problem letting his woman know that she’s doing a great job & that he is proud of her and proud to be her man.
  • He wants to help, not be waited on – in a world of people who have a “Me first” mentality, the right man will step up to help and not sit down only to be served. Sure, there’s a time & place for a man to be served but a good man also wants to serve his woman.
  • He’s good with kids or special needs individuals – anyone who has the “patience of Job” is a good person & worth keeping around. Even if you don’t have kids or don’t want kids, it’s still good to know that the man you are with can handle all types of individuals.
  • He makes plans – men who don’t make plans really aggravate me! If you ask for my phone, number, ask for my time & ask me out, then you should be man enough to plan an actual date. It’s really not that difficult – the internet is full of date ideas and if you still can’t figure it out, then just ask! I can’t stand it when a guy asks me every single time what I wanna do before taking me out. A man who makes plans (especially good ones) is a good man.
  • He actually likes doing stuff with you (and for you!) – hanging out & spending time together is how good relationships are built. It’s one thing to spend time with someone out of routine, it’s another to do so because you actually want to.

He tries to connect with your friends – it’s a good feeling when your friends & your man all get along. When a man genuinely tries to “impress” your friends in an effort to make you happy, then he is a good man. Plus, the more he gets to know your friends, the more he’ll get to know you.

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