How To Make Things Happen

Some of us come into this world knowing exactly what it is we want to accomplish in life. Others of us figure it out later in life & the rest of us just kinda stumble along, going with the flow of things. If you know what your purpose is in life, great! You can also probably figure out how to make it happen. But, if  you don’t know your purpose (or just haven’t figured it out yet) then there is still a way to make things happen –

Give yourself a deadline – there’s always a timeline in life, most of which you can control. Death is the only timeframe you cannot control. With that said, whatever it is that you want to get done in life should be on a “timer”. Whether, it’s benchmarking your progress with a calendar, putting a reminder in your phone or making a mental note always have a deadline. That’ll help you move things along & ensure you don’t take forever to get any one thing done.

Share your conclusion with others – accountability is always nice because it helps you stay on track. Letting others know what your plans are puts the ball in their court & encourages them to check-in on you and your plans. Not just that, other people may be able to help you accomplish your goals by offering their advice or resources.

Stick to the plan – unless something goes terribly wrong with your initial agenda, stick to the plan! Once you veer off, rush things or make significant changes you’re setting yourself up for things to go wrong. Surely, in the beginning you put a lot of time & effort into creating a plan so stick to it so you can enjoy the outcome.

Start small – “Every journey begins with just one small step.” If the task at hand seems too large to handle, that’s okay – just break it down into smaller pieces that seem more manageable. Feel free to delegate these smaller chunks while you work on your own small tasks. It might seem like it’s taking forever but at least you’ll be getting something done.

See it to the end – there’s no point in starting something if you’re not gonna finish it. And just like you’ve read this blog to the end, see your project to the very end!

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