Where NOT To Meet Men

So many women wonder where they can find a good man (and yes, I’m one of them!). We’ve been told where we should go, but we never think of where we shouldn’t go.

Here are a list of places where meeting men is not such a good idea –

Starbucks – yes,  a lot of people hang out at Starbucks but probably not the kind of guys you’d want to meet. Why, you may ask? Check this logic – people who go to Starbucks in the middle of the day are generally working. But they are generally working on their own business, as in “start up” or “budding entrepreneur”. Where else can you can get caffeine & wifi without the distraction of being at home? So, if you don’t mind dating someone who is semi-employed, those men at Starbucks with their laptops are probably focused on starting their own business, not starting a relationship.

Cruises – single men don’t go on cruises. They just don’t. single women go all the time – in groups, for birthdays, for family reunions, etc., but men don’t. I’m not sure why – cruises are fun, relatively inexpensive & can be a great time to create memories and see another country at the same time but the only men you’ll find on a cruise are probably 60+ and already married.

“Brunching” – women really are the only ones who want to “brunch”. There are Facebook groups, Instagram photos & even Meetups with women who like to get together on Sundays who to eat brunch together. I’m not sure why men don’t like to “brunch”, after all, we all need to eat. But, I’m pretty sure most men would rather enjoy the football game after church than to get together for a nice buffet & bottomless mimosas. “Brunching” is a woman’s sport, not a man’s.

Bars – men who go to bars are typically there to escape women (lol). Where’s the first place a man goes when he has an argument with his girlfriend? A bar. Where does a man go when he just wants a ‘guys night’ out? A bar. Yes, single men do go to bars but not with the intent or desire to meet a woman. So while you may see a cute single guy sitting on a barstool nursing a drink or two, just know that he probably isn’t there to find someone special.

Hair salons – this should be fairly obvious, but men don’t go to hair salons & they certainly don’t hang out there. Although you never know who knows who and it would be nice to meet a man when you look your best (with a fresh new hairdo), a beauty salon is only a place to meet new women, not new men. The only men you’ll find at a hair salon probably won’t be interested in you. (wink wink)

Where else is a bad place to meet men?

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