When I See Married People At The Club, I Think…

Whenever I see people in the club who have a wedding ring on, I always wonder why they’re there. Don’t get me wrong, married people have every right to have a night out away from their spouse, have a few drinks, some laughs & dance just like single people do, but there’s just something about being married that makes me think that they don’t “belong”.

First off, the club is typically a place where SINGLE people go to attract other single people. Yes, dancing is universal & yes, listening to music is universal as well, but perhaps a club is not the best place for a married person to be doing this. There are other spots that they can go to – perhaps, a concert or some other venue where other married people are more in abundance.

Also, going to the club can be very ‘tempting’. If you are already married, why put yourself in a position to be distracted? Men & women are tempted everyday whether at work, church or just going out to a movie or getting something to eat. Why put extra on that by going to the club when you already have someone at home waiting for you?

Hanging out with married friends at the club is a downer! They are not there to “catch”, they are just there to get out of the house, which is fine but takes away from the fun that their single friends are having. Not to mention, married people have curfews. So instead of fully enjoying themselves, they are constantly checking the time to make sure they get home at a decent hour. As a single woman, I don’t have any time constraints so it’s a little annoying when my friends have to leave early.

You might turn the right person on. When a married woman dances suggestively with a single man at the club it might give him the wrong impression. Some people understand that a dance is just a dance, but others don’t. Married people have a certain “air” about themselves which can be a deterrent for men who are looking to approach the single girlfriends. Men already don’t like to approach a woman when she’s in a group, so this just makes matters worse.

I get it, everyone needs a guy’s night out or a ladie’s night out and going dancing is sometimes the best option. But if you are married & insist on hanging out in the club with a bunch of single people then please get out of the way so us single girls can have some fun!



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