Life’s Commandments (according to Chocolate Vent!)

  • Be open & honest whenever possible. When you tell the truth, it reduces the amount of things you have to remember. Plus, wouldn’t you expect the same from others?!
  • Don’t be afraid to spend money on travel. Or vacation. Seeing the world does cost money, but it opens up your mind and shows you things money can’t buy.
  • Look at the bigger picture & the enjoy that view. There is so much more to life than what you can see sometimes. Don’t forget that there is a greater purpose to you being here at this moment in time. And of course, enjoy this journey called life.

  • Take lots of pictures while you’re still young. You’ll never be as young as you are right now, so take plenty of photos so that when you’re old & decrepit you’ll have something to relish.
  • Try something different. Don’t be afraid to try something new; it might change your life. If nothing else, you’ll at least know about more things that you don’t like.
  • Work hard. Work hard. Work hard. Nuff said.
  • Pray. Talking to God doesn’t require using fancy words or any special skills, all it takes is sincerity. Prayer may not fix things right away, but it DOES work.
  • Breathe & let breathe. While you may not agree with everyone’s opinions, lifestyles, beliefs, etc., you can at least respect them. After all, wouldn’t you want others to do the same for you?
  • Re-prioritize your priorities. Life changes & with that you have to be willing to adjust to those changes. You’ve heard the expression, “Go with the flow”. Don’t be afraid to make proper adjustments when necessary.
  • Do your best. Doing your best requires you to be your best. And when you are at your best, you want to do your best. You can see, it’s a cycle. Stay on top of your game (and don’t be afraid to ask for help).

  • Be around people who can make you laugh. At the end of the day, a good sense of humor can go a long way. Marry someone who can make you laugh, because that’s exactly what you’ll need when times get rough. If nothing else, don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself from time-to-time.

  • Do You! Nobody can do a better job of being you, than you.

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