#MondayMotivation – Show True Humility

Confession is good for the soul.” Although it may just be a cliché for some, it still holds true for all. It may be a hard thing to do, but confessing to those you’ve wronged does 4 things:

1)      It admits responsibility for your own actions (no matter who all was involved). Imagine if when God created Adam & Eve, Adam blamed everything on Eve – “She made me eat the forbidden fruit!” Regardless of who ate the fruit first, it still resulted in the fall of man. Confessing made it easier for God to deal with them when they both sinned, even though there were still consequences.

2)       It’s a way of humbling yourself. Even when something is your fault, it’s good to admit your wrongdoing. This allows you to take an account of where you messed up & think about how not to do it again. Sometimes a slice of “humble pie” may not taste very good going down but it just might be the food you need to fill up.

3)       It lets others know that you realize you’re not perfect. You know you’re not perfect & they know you’re not perfect. But by admitting it (out loud), it lets others know that you are willing to accept responsibility for your wrongdoing. This may help them give you another chance when or if you mess up again.

4)       Restores fellowship with others. There’s nothing like being out of fellowship with the people you love that can throw things off-kilter. When you show humility, it brings you back together with the people you’re closest with.

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