MEN, Take Yourself Off The Dating Market If –


Some of you don’t deserve to be dating! You may not want to hear this, but some of you are not in a position to court a lady, let alone enter into a relationship and/or marriage. As the saying goes, some of you “need to have several seats”.

Sure, we all have our baggage but some of us only have a carry-on & some of us have a UHaul’s worth. When you have a lot of things going on, sometimes it’s best to ‘right your wrongs’ before getting someone else involved in your mess.

Here are some scenarios where I think men need to take a break from dating:

You have no money. Why on earth are you dating if you don’t have any dough?! Dating requires not only energy & time, but also money. Without it, the relationship probably won’t last very long & at the very least the woman you are seeing won’t be happy. If money is tight (which can happen), then focus on getting your money right. Money may not be everything, but it sure means something.

You have young children. While the brunt of raising children typically falls on the mom, men still have a huge responsibility when it comes to raising their children. Many men assume that when their child is little they don’t have to do as much (after all, they can’t breastfeed & they usually aren’t as good as braiding little girls’ hair or packing school lunches).  But when your kid is little, that’s when they need you the most. Even if the mother is doing the majority of the day-to-day parenting tasks, you should be there to pick your kid up from school, help them with their homework or be at their sporting events (if they live locally). Basically, your free time should be with your babies, not your bae.

You’re too busy. Whether it’s work, school or family no one wants to feel like they aren’t a priority. After all, why invite someone into your life if you don’t have time to give them the attention they deserve? Most men aren’t good at multi-tasking, so there’s nothing wrong with taking care of business before trying to take care of someone else.

You are still hurt from a past relationship. If you are still in pain over another woman, you’re not ready to take on a new one. Why bring old feelings into a new relationship? Figure out what went wrong and take the time to properly heal before potentially hurting someone else’s feelings by bringing them down with you. It sucks to hurt, but it sucks even more to hurt someone else.

You are taken. This should be rather obvious, but some people still need to hear it. If you are married, separated, legally separated or in a relationship of sorts you should not be dating because you still belong to someone else. Cheating is NEVER okay (that’s why it’s called ‘cheating’, “ahem, ahem”), so if you are already with someone don’t go pursuing someone new.

What other good reasons are there for a man to stop dating?

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