10 Reasons Why I Don’t Really Post On Social Media

  1. The “high” I get from all the likes/comments that I receive is short lived –research shows that a lot of people thrive off of their popularity on social media. It’s all about ‘likes’, ‘followers’ and ‘fans’. I, too, have been guilty of looking for “likes” when I post something. I get excited when I see how many people like my posts initially, but when I check back the next day & don’t see any more ‘likes’ I feel deflated. As silly as that may sound, social media only provides temporary gratification.
  2. I’m not so sure my friends want to be blasted all over social media – many of the fun things that I do & actually document on camera are with my friends, but I’m not so sure they want their photos all over my social media page. They might be playing “hooky” from work, or not as pleased with how our photo turned as I am. Whatever the case may be, not everyone wants to “exposed” on social media.
  3. I can’t repeat my outfits – one of the bad things about putting your life out on social media is that you’re bound to repeat the same outfits in-person as online. I don’t know how many times I’ve shown people photos before & had the exact same outfit on in real life. That’s definitely not a good look!
  4. It takes too long to post – between all the cropping, setting the right filters & everything, it takes me forever to put up a really good picture. Sure, if I’m just typing a few words posting is not a problem but if I’m posting an actual picture, by the time I get it looking exactly how I want it to look, the thrill of posting is gone.
  5. The ‘congratulations’ is always delayed – because I typically post my pictures late (it could be weeks or even months), any ‘comments’ or ‘likes’ that I receive are not really up-to-date. What good is a “like” about my Spring birthday when it comes in the Fall?
  6. Trolls versus stalkers – celebrities have trolls; regular people have stalkers. Posting on social media lets stalkers know more about my personal life (as if the internet doesn’t tell enough), and we can’t have that. While no one should overpost, there’s no need to help the stalkers out.
  7. The people who are really close to me get the good photos – I send out a newsletter every year around the holidays, so anyone who really knows me gets pictures that I don’t post on social media.
  8. It’s not my real life – everyone knows that people only post the “pretty stuff” online. I don’t believe in sharing only the good stuff…cuz it’s not all real. My real life gets ugly, and even gets boring sometimes. While I may not post that part, I know that social media doesn’t show a full 180 of my life.
  9. Facebook friends aren’t real friends – when you post something on social media, you’re bound to get comments or even “likes” from people you barely know. While it’s nice that people notice, some who leave comments may barely even know you.
  10. Who really cares? – at the end of the day, does anyone actually care about my life? Probably not. The only people who actually want to see my “status” are my parents, and they are certainly not my friends on social media.

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