Am I Really About To Reject The “Nice Guy”?

Not too long ago, I met a really nice guy. He’s close to 6 feet tall, wears glasses, bowties and on occasion Hawaiian shirts. He seems nice, sweet and really caring but is a little on the corny side. He’s never been married before but he does have a college-age child. He’s gainfully employed & has a college degree. He’s thoughtful, considerate and is a Christian man. Sounds great, right?! Well, there’s one little problem – he’s a little on the ‘boring’ side.

By ‘boring’, I mean there’s nothing exciting about him or even remotely interesting. He’s nice to hang out with as a friend & all, but lacks a certain je ne se quoi, if ya’ know what I mean.  There’s nothing about him that makes me want him, let alone think about him when he’s not around. While he treats me well, there’s nothing special about him. That may sound harsh, but it’s true. There are a lot of “nice” guys out there but why do nice guys have to be so boring?

“Nice guys finish last.” Don’t nice guys know that they finish last because women want energy, they want excitement – something that compels them to want more? Unless a woman has gone through something dramatic in her life (like being in an abusive relationship), most women seek that “it” factor when dating. I’m not saying we want drama, cheating, or anything crazy like that but a little edge never hurt anybody.

What do I mean by “edge”? I mean a man who is both smart & street savvy at the same time. A man who shows bravado (when necessary), very masculine, protective and doesn’t put up with crap. You all know what I’m talking about – women want a man with some swagger.

Before you say something in the comment section – keep in mind that men are the same way. They want a woman who is smart, pretty, feminine with a touch of sexiness. Being attractive is not enough, nor is being smart. A woman needs to have a certain “something” in order to keep a man interested, otherwise he’ll find a PYT to satisfy his needs (even if it is only temporary). All I’m saying is that it is completely normal to want some excitement from the person you’re seeing in order to maintain interest in them.

But wait, back to my story – am I really about to turn down a guy because he’s too nice?! I know that it’s possible there might be another side to him I haven’t seen yet. He might get more interesting as I get to know him, or maybe the excitement will build later in the relationship. I just don’t want to wonder for the rest of my life if there’s someone else out there who can hold my interest, or give me butterflies when I see him. I don’t want to date someone who is boring, only to be tempted to cheat with someone who is more interesting or exciting. I don’t want to have to pretend that I really like someone who is boring, let alone him having the feeling that he bores me.  I’ve got my entire 70s & 80s to be bored (lol).

What say you?! Should I give the “nice guy” a chance & see where it goes, or not waste his time (or mine) and leave him alone so he can find someone else who can appreciate his boringness? Leave your comments below –

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