The Right Man In The Wrong Body

I just can’t believe how hard it is to meet someone. In a world of 7+ billion people, there are millions of us who can’t seem to find someone to be with. Why is this? *If it sounds like I’m about to complain, don’t worry cuz that’s exactly what I’m about to do.*

Why do other people have such great luck, meeting their significant other early in life by being at the right place at the right time, whereas the rest of us get older & older and can’t seem to meet anyone to save our lives! Sure, some of us have issues, but who doesn’t?! Married people have issues. Shoot, married people had issues before they got married & will face different issues throughout the course of their marriage. So, what makes them so different from any of us who have issues? Nothing.

Some women say their standards change as they get older – either they get lowered or the bar goes higher. I can understand the logic on both sides. If you’re getting older & you still don’t have anyone then it makes sense to re-evaluate & perhaps eliminate some of the “unnecessary” requirements that may have precluded you from getting married. On the flip side, as you get older, it’s only natural that you tolerate less, not more. You also have more to lose (mostly financial) and less patience to deal with other people’s mess, so instead of lowering your standards you raise them. You raise them because you know that after all you’ve been through you deserve the best not mediocrity (which is what you would get if you settle). Personally, what I want in a man hasn’t changed (yes, no dads need apply here). Sure, I’m willing to forgo the things that don’t really matter – like looks – but, overall, I don’t think I’m asking for too much in a man.

Other women would settle for less in a man, other women require more. I have met good men, but not the right man. Either I met men who treat me well but are in the “wrong packaging”, or I meet men who look & smell good but don’t know how to treat a lady. Or I meet men who are decent looking and treat me fairly well but they have other issues – like they have children, are lazy daters, too old for me or can’t follow simple directions (like I ask them to call me but they text instead). I just want a regular good ole fashioned gentleman who doesn’t have kids, is age appropriate, attractive & fun to be with.

Honestly, I don’t even know if the type of man that I want actually exists. I dream that he does. I pray that he does. But I have yet to meet, see, touch, or even hear him. Every day that goes by where I don’t meet my future “Mr. Right”, makes me wonder if I should continue to keep hope alive or give up altogether.  Surely, there’s got to be someone out there just for me just like all the married women who have gone before me. Only time will tell if the right man will ever show up for me!

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