Do You Know Your People?!

I was at the bookstore the other day and noticed that there was a group of people gathered in a particular section of the store. As I walked closer to see what was going on I noticed that they all were gathered near the supernatural/magick section of the store. This is where the Tarot cards and chakra crystals are. They all seemed to be pouring over the same book and were engaging in a lively conversation that had something to do with that book. Not that I’m interested in that type of thing, but I wondered what it was that they were discussing. I hate to admit but I was a little jealous that they all were so excited about the same thing. As I stood there & watched, other people who had an interest in the supernatural came over and jumped right in the conversation. Basically, these total strangers had found “their people”.

Then I started thinking, do I even know who “my people” are? What homogenous group am I part of where I could bond with total strangers in a completely random place? Maybe other African Americans? Women? Millennials? Californians? Christians? There are so many different groups that I could put myself into that I don’t seem to fit into just one. There are so many different people who I have things in common with. While it would be great to “click” with a bunch of strangers over just one topic, I am grateful for the opportunity to mix with different crowds / different types of people.


Who are “your people”? What is the one circle that you find happiness??!

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